View Full Version : Where are you based now..?

2007-Dec-06 Thu, 23:08
I might be coming to Hawaii in august 2008. Could you tell me where you are located and would you be amenable to me dropping in one night.. I'm English but live in Australia now and will be on my way to Vancouver via Hawaii. I am a graduate of the old online training. I guess i'll be landing in Honolulu.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Dec-07 Fri, 09:53
Aloha Lee,

Although we recently moved to Honolulu from Kaneohe we are still on the same Island of Oahu. August is a very good month for a Hawaii trip. There will be lots of sun and warm weather. It will be great to have you visit. Just let us know when you're coming in and we will be more than happy to meet you. I am sure we can meet with others in the Guild and talk RV.