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2007-Dec-07 Fri, 08:54
Hello all!

I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say hello.
so... HELLO! :)

I'm actually new to the whole of RVing as well.
If you're interested I'll put some background as to how I came to it below.
If you're not... feel free to ignore it. :)

Anyway I'm glad I found your site.
I'm still very very very new to all of this and I'm sure this will prove a great resource.

Seems to be a lot of info out there on this - but the stuff you can get for free (so you can see if it's for you) often contradicts itself.

I'm sure I'll pepper you all with questions soon enough. :)

Take care!

== The background info I warned you about ==

I was doing research on various CD sets that utilize Binaural Beats to facilitate meditation.
I was interested in meditation for general health & "feeling good" reasons.
During that research I started hearing claims that meditation improved one's ability to experience "psychic phenomenon".

Personally I wasn't much for the psychic stuff.
I was (and am) ready to accept the possibility... but I'd never seen anything that MADE me believe.
After all ... the TV psychics are not good examples because what they do COULD be done by any good cold reader.

Still I knew that the positive effects of OTHER people thinking about/for a sick person has been proven to be significant.
I also know that several universities have shown that humans can apparently effect the result of a random number generator.
The list of cool but not quite conclusive evidence is long.

Then I (during the afore mentioned research) read about some well known "Remote Viewer" that used CD sets similar to the ones I was looking at .
(Joe McMoneagle)

From there I did some curiosity based searches about Joe and learned about the CIA project "stargate".
That was enough to make me REALLY curious.

I've done lots of reading over the past few weeks and even tried RVing a photo or three.
Mixed results. Two of three had some hits the third was way off.
And the two that were hits were really basic hits - nothing too specific.
( I was trying to mimic what I heard about all these methods of RVing. So I had some basic shapes and impressions but I couldn't have told you what it was I was "seeing" )

And it was hard.
I spent probably 15-20 min on them before I was wiped out.

I'd love to play with this and get to the point where I could (at the end of a session) have an Idea as to what I was seeing.

== End Rant ==

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Dec-07 Fri, 10:02
Aloha Doug,

Welcome to the forum here at Hrvg. We are a bit quiet from time to time but that just means we are all up to something. Remote Viewing is such an interesting area of research you can find a lot of information all over the net. Some is good and some is bad and some is expensively bad. It usually only takes a good question or commentary to get things going on any of the forums so speak your mind and welcome.