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2007-Dec-12 Wed, 08:24
Hello Glenn: 12/11/07

I have wondered about how well a person actually disengages from an RV session after it is completed.

I have noted that many times after I have done a session I seem to get into dark mood swings. They seem to last for days. I have asked myself if this is a result of “being open” still, to information that is out there and not necessarily just from the RV session but any and all “STUFF” that is out there.

It seems to me we are ALWAYS open to information whether we like it or not. Maybe some people are better able to handle this bombardment on a subconscious level better than others.

Perhaps I am imagining this. Perhaps I have deep issues anyway and having taken the HRVG training has made me more sensitive to them?

Was this an issue for you in your early days of training and how did you deal with it?


Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Dec-12 Wed, 11:05
It is an issue that doesn't get spoken about very often. Remote Viewers expose themselves to a wide range of environmental and psychological conditions and it does have an effect. There is no machine that processes the data for you; you use the same sensory apparatus to process the remote data as you do to process your own state of being data. The human mind and body is a sort of reflector for its' state and environment. It requires a bit of discipline to look but not feel, to understand but not empathize, to collect but not reflect. I get caught by it from time to time and usually suffer a sort of formless depression as I reconcile what I experience with what I am. Thankfully it does get easier as you go along. Learning to Remote View does amplify your sensitivity to your environment. Because you learn to listen to those soft signals your ability to listen in general increases. Because you have trained to open that little non-local window on demand doesn't mean that your subconscious can't open that window just as easily. So you are just a smidge different now, a bit more to think about and listen to, a bit more to manage.

The solution to dealing with the fragments and artifacts of trips of mind lie in your own self-awareness of who you are and what you are doing. It is part and parcel to getting your mind right. Some artifacts tend to linger a bit and I wouldn't worry much about that, just get a grip and keep it. It takes discipline to keep things in order and that is what you must do if you want to explore deeper beyond the fluffy bunnies. Get your mind right and keep it right. I know that doesn't reek of sensitivity but to be functional you cannot be psychologically ineffective after a target. And you will be exactly what you require yourself to be.


2007-Dec-13 Thu, 04:55
Soft signals....thats an interesting way to discribe them.
So, there is no way to really close it down? One is ALWAYS listening in a sense, scanning their envrionment for signals one might want to be alerted to?
That sounds like a kind of "inner guidance" system always at work, a silent witness as it were,just below consciousness, ready to give nudges in the right direction.

>>>>The solution to dealing with the fragments and artifacts of trips of mind lie in your own self-awareness <<<<<

That is a tall order. It requires listening and listening from the moment one gets up in the morning to the moment one crawls into bed at night. It would require a dedicated mind, in my opinion, almost a kind of religiousity. Maybe thats a good discription, because there is a meditation called "bare attention," practiced by Buddhists, that requires one to just be aware of things as they arise moment by moment. I have tried this and can honestly attest to the difficulty in maintaining a centered mind set to witness all the stuff that arises. I even find myself throughout the day in mindless chatter, as I suppose we all do. With THAT going on, being aware of the "soft signals"
is a near impossiblity. Interesting because I find that a problem in remote viewing sessions as well.

I think what troubles me are the soft signals I AM NOT aware of but AM aware of on a sub level.