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2007-Dec-17 Mon, 14:25
Hi Glenn,
Noticed in your video on the PsiQuest site that while you were sketching the elderly Japanese woman, you often would rub the paper with your hand, almost as though you were clearing off the condensation on a fogged-up windshield. I've also seen Mel Riley do the same thing. Watching this, it almost seems like a natural thing to do...like getting a feel for something. Can this be utilized within reasonable bounds during a sketching process, without it 'overriding' the format protocol ? Is it more of an idiosyncratic thing that just feels right for some people?
To me it looks like such a natural thing to do...something like plugging in a body part to the sub...trying to maybe widen the aperture a little more. Any benefits here worth looking into ? As always, your comments are much appreciated.



Dick Allgire
2007-Dec-17 Mon, 22:22
I'll let Glenn answer this question in full, because he was doing the target. This was not a protocol driven full RV session using HRVG methodology. It was what we call "tagging." But you can see Glenn probing the paper with his pen a couple of times- probing quickly produced ideograms.

Our method is based on a foundation of skills. One of the skills is executing a spontaneous ideogram and probing it for data, as I detailed in my recent presentation at the latest IRVA conference. Glenn was doing this.

But he has been doing it a long time and is able to do things on the fly. The great guitar player Carlos Santana once said, "I don't need to practice scales anymore." But his playing IS rooted in learning scales and technique, then using that basic skill to make music.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Dec-18 Tue, 02:20
It is a bit interesting to see the individual quirks that one has when they go about this type of endeavor. I enjoyed meeting Mr. Kokubo but at the time I really didn't know what he was after. He had come to the islands to attend a conference over in Kona and had stopped on Oahu to visit us. I had lived in Japan for almost 8 years and from time to time met people who really didn't exist. These were people who worked for a specific agency that doesn't officially exist. When Dick first introduced Hideyuki my first impression was "oh hell more invisible people". After a bit of socializing and watching some very interesting video footage on his laptop primarily dealing with Gi Gong we began to discuss Remote Viewing and before you could blink twice he asked if I would demonstrate Remote Viewing and allow him to film it.

He pretty much had me cold and there was no way after viewing his incredible research that it would be polite to say no so I agreed. He produced an envelope with a 6-letter identifier on it and handed it to me. I took the envelope and with Hideyuki dropped it in the government cat II safe, slammed the door and spun the combo wheel and sat at table while he set up the camera. I got up to get a box of pens and it was then that I told him that I would tag his target and not do a complete RV session on it. At the time I didn't really know what he would do with it. If he was farming methodology I didn't really want to see Hrvg methodology for sale in Japan, and if he was an invisible I didn't really want to just roll it all up for him with a bow.

Tagging is just a Dick described it, short accesses of signal with no real intent to saturate a target in a formatted approach. I suppose everyone has their own way to get data moving and mine is to move. The cyclic sweeping I picked up from Richard Ireland. We had played with different types of Skotography and sweeping surfaces to sense where a mark should be made is fairly easy to learn. It's also an easy way to get started drawing whether your right or wrong. Getting started is really the hardest part and it is very important to begin and get the data flow moving. I like to use inky ink pens so I can sweep and smear to reveal other features. Not all Skotography is photographic but inks, chalks, and coals, are especially fun to play with. If you watch the video closely you will see sweeping, tapping, ideogram production, and probing. It is fast but I assure you it is there. I link the speed with mind speed, when I am doing something very quickly my mind is hyper and looking for anything, as it slows it means I have acquired a data flow and am processing it.

What I got from it all was information about an elderly Japanese (Nihon) woman. There are some edits that Hideyuki did to take out information about the woman's identity that I had passed on during the filming. As I recall at the time I thought her name was Setsuko and didn't sense that she was dead, but Hideyuki did reveal some months later that she was missing. Hideyuki spoke English about as well as I speak Japanese but if he would have asked me questions after the work was complete I am sure more information was available but alas he did not. I've thought about Setsuko from time to time, I do hope they found her.


2007-Dec-18 Tue, 06:00
That is a lot of fun to watch.
I would have loved to see the guy's face. :)

Sad though that he didn't bother to ask anything like "where is she now?"...
perhaps he was just too stunned... or he knew her and was afraid to ask.
Who knows.

2007-Dec-18 Tue, 08:04
Hi Dick, Glenn,
Thanks for the comments. After another look I can certainly see alot more going on...I'll 'chew' on this for awhile & follow-up...Looks like more than a mouthful here.
Nice anaology there Dick using Carlos as an example...one of my favorites...talk about "clarity of process"...it doesn't get much bettter than that. Hope you're still able to find some time to play the guitar these days Dick.
Thanks again guys...



2008-Feb-11 Mon, 17:10
WhooHooo Glen, i looked up, googled the s word and on link was some strange stuff. Especially the4 phoros. he spirt guides and levitations looked jookey but it was the ectoplasm pictures even with a skeptical eye made me a tad queasy. I am inclined to talk on the discarnate across the Big River ...however NOT if there was any Ectoplasm as pictured flowing out me nose mouth whatever! I will dissit since i'm eating as i type.
wheres them little funny face icons?
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