View Full Version : Brain Entrainment.

2007-Dec-18 Tue, 06:05
I've read reports that claim both the theta and the delta range of brain wave states are most conducive to RV work.

Any thoughts on which is more correct?

Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Dec-18 Tue, 12:38
Things always seem to be a matter of degrees when it comes to anomalous cognition. I am fond of the phrase "Get your mind right". In the realm of brainwaves you need to consider overall signatures and not individual levels of beta, alpha, etc. When you focus on a remote target it is more desirable to get your mind involved on all levels and the deeper you can focus will enable a shift of dominance in the signature. For the purposes of collection you still must be functional in communicating or writing and that ceiling would be around alpha/theta and you can expect that to rise and fall. The more experiential you realize the data the higher theta and alpha climb in the signature and the less functional you become in recording the data. These states can be a bit fragile and only experience seems to allow you to linger longer.

Like most things if you apply yourself over time you will be able to function quite well. It is possible to keep several brain states active at the same time with coherence with practice. Theta is the Velyzland for viewers who want to ride the waves.