View Full Version : Target assigned in last week’s class

2006-Apr-07 Fri, 01:22
Last weeks class Glenn covered “data mining” the target. In essence shifting our awareness to aspects of the target and describing in detail what we would normally miss.

With that in mind I would like to conduct an experiment. Who’s with me?

Here’s the target id chosen…


I’ve subcued 4 different aspects to this target designed to shift the viewer’s attention around to “mine” for more data that might normally be missed.

Here are the S4 encrypted subques…


How to use these subcues…

Once you’ve completed the land, air, water, obstacle etc. aspects in S4 one at a time blackboard the target subcues. Complete the 15 second blackboard, sketch, and describe then move on to the next subcue.

I’ve used subques like this on the psyche probe experiment and they worked like a charm. We’ll see how they work here.


2006-Apr-15 Sat, 00:45
Here's the feedback for the subques.

We were told up front this target was a room in a building somewhere in the world. I did not know anything more about the room when targeting the subcues.

U7R5 = The front entrance of the target building.

G4H3 = The most significant feature of the target location.

V8R2 = The most significant purpose of the target room.

B7H9 = The most significant activity regularly expressed in the target room.