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Glenn B. Wheaton
2007-Dec-25 Tue, 03:08
Aloha All,

And Merry Christmas. It's very early here in the Islands. The cool winds are blowing and the night is quiet. With dawn just a few hours away people will soon get up to face the sunshine and trades of morning in Hawaii, Christmas morning. In Hawaii we start our Christmas last, so if there is ever to be a last Christmas celebration it will be here. Around the world there are places where it is never Christmas and that is unfortunate. We are the lucky ones. I was in the Pearl Harbor Naval Exchange a few days ago doing some Christmas shopping and while standing in line to check out I heard the clerk give a cheerful "Happy Holidays" to a young Marine Captain that I was standing behind. The Captain replied very curtly "It's not Happy Holidays...it's Merry Christmas". The clerk didn't know what to say, so I leaned forward and said "Say Merry Christmas". The clerk was still at a loss as to what to do and said nothing. The Captain picked up his items and moved to the next (longer) line to check out. I followed him as did the rest of the Marines and Sailors in the line.

A supervisor came over and asked the Captain if there was a problem and while I can not be as eloquent as he was he pretty much said he was not aware that the Naval Exchange was in the habit of hiring Godless Communist. Well the clerk was not a Godless Communist but was not prepared to be anything but politically correct and that doesn't fly in our world. With so many of the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, they wear God on one sleeve and America on the other and Christmas is an important day. It is a day they lived to see. To all you clerks out there, give them this day. Wipe "Happy Holidays" from your vocabulary and add "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year".

If someone tells you "Happy Holidays" correct them.

From all of us at HRVG we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. We hope the day is long and you find time to enjoy a great Christmas dinner and the love of your families.

Merry Christmas