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Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Jan-01 Tue, 14:06
Aloha All,

New in the library the slide presentation from Dick Allgire's 2007 IRVA Conference is now available for those wanting to see it. As soon as the 2007 conference DVD's are available I will let you know.


2008-Jan-12 Sat, 07:53
Will it be accessible from a link or page on the Guilds website? I'd like to be able to show the fine presentation to the members of our small practice group locally (after attending 3 conferences in 07 i am too broken to buy a copy) Mark and i have effused (is that a word?) already for a year since previous conference meeting Glenn and about the guild and now about Dicks presentation of method,they are curious what yall DO when your'e doing it - RV that is.