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Dick Allgire
2008-Jan-31 Thu, 15:04

2008-Feb-01 Fri, 05:55
I remember seeing this fellow on TV.
At first I imagined he was probably psychic and didn't know it!:) Was in a firm state of denial. Probably not.
But it turns out he does observe people, and very well. I'd be interested in knowing how many times he is wrong? In remote viewing we too "observe" the data" at a SUB level. Sometimes (frequently for me(:-)) we get the information wrong. This fellow observes on a conscious level, but I suspect there is also a SUB level that he's not aware of. I suspect he must also get a certain amount of intormation wrong. I suspect he to must FOCUS as we do in RV. I wonder if he too has a "structure" that he must work within to gather this information?