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2008-Feb-14 Thu, 10:28
All who plan to work this target:

Due date is March 1, 2008. Will extend date if needed.
After this target is worked, I would like you to work the following target:


Do not work the second target the same day as

If you have session work to turn in, I will collect it, but feedback will not be provided until I receive all work from

Since this is going through analysis, please don't use the tagging protocol. I need full sessions worked, and for the student who have not entered S4 Cascade, send me the sessions you have worked up to what you have learned thus far.

Try to have no preconceived notions about the constitution of this target. Get the data, work the session and don't give it another thought.

Thank you,

Dick Allgire
2008-Feb-15 Fri, 18:21
I just came back from working another target in The Bunker, the underground tunnel in a mountain in Kailua, formerly a World War 2 gun bunker and now on loan to us as a shielded isolation chamber.

The owner Gary Weller is a great host. He put in tables and chairs, with carpets, lighting, and of course we installed a comfy LaZBoy recliner for S-5.

This was my second session in the underground chamber. The target is active, so no target talk. But this second time in the bunker was incredible. Data just jumped out at me. It is so very quiet down in that tunnel. At Visual Ideogram I had a full clear visual and just wanted to drop my pen and go into the target. It was one of the few times I had to actually write Time: H on page 1 A: and take that moment to realize where I was and what I was doing because I was already so caught up in the target. Probing ideograms for PL: B: I: A: seemed like having to stop and play chopsticks when a symphony was filling my consciousness.

I felt I could do an S-3 site sketch for each cell in Playfair and S-2 Nimo Playfair. Each 15 second look on Blackboard during S-4 Cascade took me deeper into target contact.

At S-5 in the recliner I had a very nice bilocation. It felt like I spent about 20-30 minutes, but when I came out it had been over 2 hours of target work.

Working down under the earth in a shielded environment it really feels like the signal line is about 10 times stronger. I can’t wait to see feedback. It all had that eerie quality of knowing many things about the target, but not knowing quite what the target is, which is a good sign.

Dick Allgire
2008-Feb-16 Sat, 19:49
I'm still thinking about the experience of working a long session deep in the hillside in the old WWII bunker/tunnel complex. Yesterday I worked a target, and the experience stayed with me for quite a few hours.

It reminded me of the glory days of HRVG when Jim K, Jason, Valtra, Rose, Sita and I used to do epic monitored S-5 work like Erminmink.

The target contact seemed so strong that I had a difficult time being normal the rest of the day. I went out with friends last night and they asked if something was bothering me, mentioning that I was not myself. I was very tired from the session, and I also could tell I was lingering on the thoughts of the experience. It wasn't just sitting there getting thoughts and ideas and writing them on paper- I went somewhere else for a while.

I'll be very interested to hear how other viewers are affected by working in this unique location. I'm thinking this might be a good topic for a presentation at the IRVA conference- lot of interesting theoretical questions about RVing in an underground shielded location- and it sure feels like some interesting sessions will be generated there.


Dick Allgire
2008-Feb-19 Tue, 22:50
I'm heading to the tunnel in the mountain on Thursday about 11 AM to work the subcue to the current op target. If anyone is free and wants to come work there please contact me, we can hook up and I'll drive.

The bunker is THE place to RV. Pupus and conversation at Glenn's house on Monday night- well that's good fun, but it doesn't really accomplish much. It is time to sit down and RV.


2008-Feb-21 Thu, 11:14
In light of what you said about how well you RVed in the bunker, it gives new meaning to those, in the old days, who would meditate in a cave for a long time to become enlightened.

Also, in the Philipines, I've read that healers like to work in caves it seems to increase the healings they perform.

In the Carlos Castaneda books, Carlos' teacher mentioned that when his ancestors discovered that their perceptions were enhanced in caves, they started to look for and test as many caves as they could find, in fact it became a full-time occupation, since they deemed certain caves were highly important to everything they were doing. The only tidbit they would give out in these books was that the nature of rock of the cave (for example granite) was the thing that was acting upon the individual but there was no further explaination in the book about this, their comments were very sparse.

Makes you wonder what it would be like to RV in a structure like the Great pyrmaid in Egypt.