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Dick Allgire
2008-Mar-14 Fri, 22:22
1. incorporate and sweep along in its flow. Cause or bring about as a consequence.
2. Entrain to- fall into synchronism with (something) in such a way.

1. A widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such belief.

I get up in the morning and get dressed for work. As I open the closet and ponder the array of colorful Aloha shirts hanging there I pause before I select what shirt I might wear.

I think the choice of shirts might affect my day.

Most “rational” people would find this statement ludicrous, absolutely whacky.

Eleven years ago many members of the fledgling Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild probably would have considered it fantastic to be able to produce sensory data about a location that is distant in both time and space. Now, more than a decade later this talent seems not much more incredible to us than being able to perhaps speak a few phrases in Korean. The Korean language, like remote viewing is merely a communication skill. And even if you had never heard or understood a word of Korean for 30 years, you could hang around Koreans long enough and pretty soon you would be able to say and understand “Good Morning,” “I’m hungry,” “Ouch! this water is too hot,” “Honey don’t do that,” and a number of other things in Korean. What seemed incomprehensible earlier is now understandable.

I’m amazed that Glenn Wheaton knew what he knew back in 1997 and took the time and effort and to teach us. Did he know back then that it would take 10 years of patient and persistent work in weekly classes to get a few people to the point where they might wrap their minds around entrainment? Back in the day we thought drawing a rounded shape when the target was a balloon was utterly amazing. To be able to tell the mother of a missing man that her son went hiking alone and stumbled and fell down a steep cliff, and that's why he died-WOW! That really amazed us at the time. Actually it is not that much more incredible than learning a few phrases in Korean.

Glenn patiently taught us how to remote view. Then came the real mind blower. Entrainment.

For the past couple of years Glenn has been explaining and actually helping us set up and perform entrainments. Let’s go back to the definition.

verb [ trans. ]
1 (of a current or fluid) incorporate and sweep along in its flow.
• cause or bring about as a consequence : the triumph of a revolution was measured in terms of the social revision it entrained.
2 Biology (of a rhythm or something that varies rhythmically) cause (another) gradually to fall into synchronism with it.
• [ intrans. ] ( entrain to) fall into synchronism with (something) in such a way.
entrainment noun

In October of 2007 members of HRVG attended the IRVA Remote Viewing Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Months prior to the event Glenn and members of our group practiced with a roulette wheel set up in Glenn’s living room. We allowed his roulette wheel to fall into synchronism (to become entrained) with our intent. We then transferred the entrainment to little pewter Monopoly game pieces, which we physically carried to Las Vegas. It’s a long story. The model, the process, the method, the understanding, and the execution was the fulfillment of a ten year course of instruction. We sat at the table for four nights and the ball fell red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, then black, black, black 17, black 20, black 17, black, black 20…. And we made money every night.

More on entrainment. “The Observer’s Effect.” And this is a very important point. Science knows that if you observe something you affect it.


It is apparently true (I haven't taken the time to do this) that if you were to watch your neighbor every day for a few months and note the time your neighbor leaves for work each morning, and then also note the rise and fall of- say, the Dow Jones Industrial Stock Average- pretty soon the departure time of your neighbor will become entrained with the rise and fall of the Dow Jones.

It’s tough to get a grip on that. If you religiously observe and note the time your neighbor leaves for work, and you also observe and note the rise and fall of the Dow Jones stock average, and you INTEND that these two seemingly unrelated events will be linked, they will become linked. So Mr. Neighbor is really late for work one morning and the stock market goes up 300 points. Affinity.

affinity |əˈfinitē|
noun ( pl. -ties) (often affinity between/for/with)
a spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for someone or something
• a similarity of characteristics suggesting a relationship, esp. a resemblance in structure between animals, plants, or languages : a building with no affinity to contemporary architectural styles. See note at likeness .

At HRVG Glenn has been conducting entrainment/affinity experiments for the past few years. He has amazed and astounded us with his little “parlor tricks” more than a few times. But they are not parlor tricks. They are the result of observation, rehearsal, intent, affinity, and careful execution. So I’m a believer. Jason and I sat at a roulette table and didn’t just win money; we amazed and astounded curious onlookers- we saw the ball drop Black, Black, Black 17, Black 20, Black 17, with our entrainment/affinity bets on those fields. I’m beginning to understand the connection between observation, rehearsal, affinity, and entrainment. And now it gets spooky.

Back to my closet full of Aloha shirts. I’m a TV reporter and my job is unpredictable, diverse, irregular, fickle, capricious- can I come up with any more synonyms? The point is I rarely know what is going to happen to me on a given day. I’m a leaf in the wind of current events.

An example of a “good” day. The assignment editor says, “Dick, today is the Lobster and Bikini Festival in Waikiki, with the Penthouse Pets. You have to go sample lobster recipes made by top chefs, and interview the Penthouse Pets in bikinis.” They pay me to do this?

An example of a “bad” day. 4:30 PM and I’m counting down the minutes to going home for a cold beer and the assignment editor says, “Dick, there is a sewage spill in Waianae, hurry!” I get a long ride in horrific traffic to a hot smelly place where I have to stand around for hours in the hot sun and sewage, a 12 hour day with no place to eat, maybe I ran out of the office without bringing water, often no place to use a bathroom, waiting to do a live report in and about a pile of crap. Granted this is nothing compared to serving in Iraq, but it ain’t lobster with the Penthouse girls.

So I began “noticing”- taking under observation. I noticed that every time I wore a certain gray/brown Aloha shirt I would have a bad day at work. I would end up in the hot sun covering an awful story. I didn’t want to become “superstitious.” Superstition is an “unjustified belief.” But on the other hand, all this weird stuff we’ve been witnessing and creating at HRVG on a weekly basis, well that’s just a step away. I dismissed it as "superstition," but when I got up in the morning and put on that one shirt... in the back of my mind I wondered, "What kind of assignment will I get today?" And it would not be the Lobsterfest.

Entrainment/superstition? Superstition/entrainment?

If you can watch your neighbor go to work and concurrently observe the stock market fall into step with the time he leaves, then isn’t it entirely possible that every time I choose the gray and brown Aloha shirt my day turns out rotten?

We go watch Glenn’s beautiful new High Def flat screen Sony and we know a certain casino paid for that TV because a roulette wheel “fell into synch” with Glenn’s intent that “Red, second field, 16” will be the entrainment/affinity bet. So why couldn't the selection of a certain shirt affect your day, especially if you begin to believe it and think about it every Monday when you get dressed for work?

But that would be superstition.

Or could it be that because I've been flexing my RV muscles for so many years that choosing the gray/brown shirt was merely "tagging" –an intuitive awareness on a subconscious level that an unpleasant event was headed my way? Could I stop it by picking a red shirt instead?

It is often said remote viewing is destabilizing. Entrainment is destabilizing X 10.

This is a long, rambling post. So Glenn, here’s the question. When you do cross the line between entrainment and superstition? Should I throw out that Aloha shirt?

Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Mar-15 Sat, 03:06
Aloha Dick,

I read your post with a great deal of interest. The experiences of the last decade seems to have forced you to make a paradigm leap of sorts. It is a leap closer to a reality that is cloaked because of the noise of life. Home, family, work, and all those other things that distract us and keep us functioning at a level where we are reactive and not proactive. When you did your training all those years ago I made sure that we took all the time we needed to work through each step of your development as a viewer. For me, you and the others were an investment in the future. To take you where I was headed required a solid foundation in Remote Viewing based on your own self-reliance and your own experiences. If you recall the Sunday Brunches a decade ago always seemed to begin with Miss Patsy Cline playing in the background as we discussed everyone's progress, scanned sessions, and enjoyed the food and friends. Entrainment has always been part of the fare at Hrvg.

Entrainment was first overtly presented to the Guild with the series of lectures and instruction on Masking and Entrainment. It required a leap to grasp and employ the concepts, but for it to function properly there must be a degree of confidence that we are just now acquiring. The recent trip to Las Vegas could not have pleased me more because frankly you guys ROCKED. You not only had to understand and believe in the process, but you had to drop hundred dollar bills on a Casino table and be willing to lose them. The money was never important to me, but what was important was what you were able to experience there. You were able to enter a very noisy environment, establish an Entrainment, and manipulate Randomness. If you were not a Remote Viewer I do not believe you could have pulled it off.

The Guild has always been about Remote Viewing, but sooner or later as a Remote Viewer you will have to confront Entrainment and learn to master it. Entrainment allows us access to flow data at targets. It is how we achieve enough sync to comprehend what exactly we experience. In the Balloon Festival target I worked for the class I think you can tell those moments where I seek data, find it, flow with it, and tell you about it as well as write it on the board. All the data was experiential in varying degrees, and I would not have that without Entrainment. Hell in that moment I told you that Nick loved Olivia Newton John I in-fact at that moment loved her too. If it is something that flows then you need to be able to catch up to it and keep pace with it, or get it to keep pace with you. You get data flows to pace you much the same way you do in our Roulette experiments, you entrain it.

I am not surprised you're beginning to see underlying cause and effect breaking into your normal noisy day. What you don't know is whether you're recognizing the flow of certain patterns or whether you're making it all happen. Knowing you I would vote for the latter.

Superstition can exist exactly as its definition with no relationship to Entrainment. Mind has a way of shaping in environments that allows for Superstition to rise. It is a natural thing and may have some inherent value on the survival ladder. In my post "Fear" back in 2001 I told you about the stories of the LOUP GAROUS told to us as children intended to get us home before dark when we lived in the bayou swamps of my youth. An example of applied Superstition used to entrain behavior based on fear.

Dick I think you understand now that there are so many things at play in an observant life. Things like Tagging, Entrainment, Superstition, and the confusion when you're not sure which is which can present a bit of a puzzle. It will be interesting to see what you have to say about it once you solve the puzzle. It is spooky without a doubt in the meantime.

I want to comment on the various demonstrations I have done for the Guild over the years and what I consider to be your first demonstration whether you are aware of it or not. You recall the night you went next door to tag the work being done by a full class? What an extraordinary result you produced. Just how did you pull that off? You didn't cheat because I would have caught you lol. As for myself it takes a bit of time to get my mind right. Like I said earlier in my post that the noise of life has a way of distracting us. I have to prepare my mind to function just a bit differently than it normally does. I have to take a different perspective and then think the thoughts I need to think to achieve clarity. It is like when we normally think during the day we don't have time to really intend with any focus or purpose. We may respond to a want, or need, or requirement, but we really don't embrace those thought patterns, we isolate ourselves and sort of barricade ourselves within our space. The most difficult part of the class demonstrations were to ensure that that the effect would persist from the time I finished the rehearsal to the start of class some hours away. Entrainments require servicing so a part of my mind constantly thinks about that moment in class when that which has already happened will happen. The hard part to understand is that when it happens in class it didn't just happen in that moment but it happened sometimes 8 hours earlier. It was only observed in class at that time. Entrainment and Time do in fact work and play well with each other. I try and keep the designs simple but it is tempting to play with time. Time is such an extraordinary environment and is a prime reason I want to continue to try and move data across time.

I continue to think heavily on just how it may be possible to send a message to the past. Theoretically it should be possible and a few projects exist outside of my message project. You and I wrote an article for your newsletter about Remote Influencing where we brought up the Ebba project; which continues to fascinate me. We are at that point where we know it can happen but we haven't figured out exactly how. I do know it will take several of us to sort it all out.

When you think about what you and others in the Guild actually know about Remote Viewing it may be old Hat but it actually is an amazing array of information and tools that you possess. You know it isn't just Remote Viewing; it is Mind and Time and Randomness, and learning to think in ways to entrain them all so that you can view effectively. As for your Aloha Shirt you should certainly keep it. At least you know where your mind has assigned the marker for your bad days.


2008-Mar-16 Sun, 17:17
Hey thanks for the great posts.... Dick and Glenn!

Now I hope Dick tell's us about his aloha shirt that helps him have a lucky day!

Dick Allgire
2008-Mar-16 Sun, 18:34
Hey J.P.
I got up today and looked in my closet.

I took another shirt out of my closet and paused. I thought to myself, "This is silly." I could not resist, after putting up the post and reading Glenn's reply. I took out the infamous shirt and put it on. Tempting the entrainment.

I swear, as I was buttoning the damn thing my cell phone rang. It was the news assignment editor. "Where ARE you?!!!" I wasn't due at work for another 5 minutes. I replied that I would be there in about 5 minutes.

There was a fatal crash on Kaukonahua Road as I was getting ready for work, the assignment desk learning of it at about the time I was getting dressed, and yes I got to go stand by the side of the road in the hot sun for many hours. The police told us an officer would be there shortly to give a statement. After 4 hours they told us the officer had left and would not be giving us an interview or any information. A long hot day at a death scene. They didn't serve lobster, and no bikini models were on location. And so it goes. I'm wearing a red shirt tomorrow.


2008-Mar-16 Sun, 22:10
Hey Dick, as an experiment, maybe you should "entrain" a few of your aloha shirts. Before you put your lucky shirt on say out loud: I intend for this to be my lucky shirt, only lucky things can happen to me as I wear this shirt today. And then put it on and keep track of how things go.

I bet if you did this every time you put on that shirt, eventually you'll have an incredible day, and a really super lucky shirt.

You could even pick out another shirt and intend for it to be your "remote viewing" shirt and then come up with some statement before you put it on so that your intent is set.

This sounds like such a good idea I might even try it myself. In fact, just recently, I've noticed that when I wear one particular white shirt I have, I always have a good day, and even people that see me with it on say nice things about it. I'm starting to think I should only wear white shirts...lol.