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Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Apr-01 Tue, 02:29
Aloha All,

Last night's class was intended to tweak your mind's understanding of the Universe, Time, and Consciousness. Sometimes it's necessary to rebuild the model from scratch to understand better its components and their function. I presented the 4 dimensional empty Universe to consider. By removing all mass and energy and just considering the shell of the Universe with its' X, Y, Z, and Time dimensions we see that Time would be equally ambient at any point in the Universe. It would have no flow and there would be no forward arrow of time. Time would be an inert filler much like the air in a balloon. Time would be pristine and unblemished. It would be infinitely observable. No measurement of it could every show any fluctuation in its smoothness.

Let's add a single piece of mass in our Universe. We place a single inert planet anywhere within the Universe and we see the effect it has on our 4 dimensions. We see that Space is displaced for the planetary volume and that Time is displaced as well. For the first time we can now have a distortion in the ambience of Time. What is interesting is whether the mass of the planet presents the model for gravity or whether gravity is the force being exerted on the planetary mass by Space trying to close the displacement? It could account for the roundness of most celestial objects in our Universe.

In any event let's give our Universe some energy so we introduce some plasma with its electromagnetic properties and from that light is born. I said before that Time is infinitely observable but electromagnetic energy is different. While Time is a dimension, EM is not and something else, EM must move, it must travel towards potentials, and thus the wave is born. There is something very special about the speed of these waves, whether electrons or photons, they traverse towards their potentials at a speed of 186,282.397 miles per second in the vacuum of space. This is the speed required to escape the drag effect of time. But there is a dilemma when mass moves within the confines of our Universe. The faster you move your mass through space and time the slower time passes for your mass. This is exponentially correct until that point where you travel at the speed of light and the 4th dimension no longer applies. You have left the dimension. While there are a few things that complicates mass moving that fast, we know that EM can, and Em does have mass albeit very low mass.

So Time has a quality about it that is linked to mass and speed of movement. Because we as humans don't move very fast we must physically travel through Time very slowly and it is like a resistance that wears on us from the cradle to the grave. What is interesting is that we are creatures born of both mass and EM. There are EM aspects of mind and consciousness that hint at our ability to escape the 4th dimension of Time. While our physical bodies seem destined to whither back to the dust, our minds are not so constrained. So for Remote Viewers it is more correct to say that I can think beyond space and time, instead of Remote Viewing is beyond space and time. Do not attribute the skill to the art but to the mind and the consciousness behind it. Understand that it is you that positions your observation to points past or future, but your mind must be right. You must be coherent in how you displace consciousness beyond the barrier of time. Time does not flow but permeates our Universe and mass must pay a toll to move through it. Because of this there must be an environment outside the dimension of Time where those thoughts that do escape settle into a noise floor. The constant and continuous flow of mind clutter rising and falling to and from coherence.

It's getting late so more on the second part of last night's lecture, later today perhaps.

Dick Allgire
2008-Apr-01 Tue, 22:50
I've read your post about 4 times. Are you saying that EM waves move faster than light speed? Or that they traverse the distances of time and space in a different dimension?

This is difficult to comprehend. I know that years ago the class remote viewed a distant planet in another solar system, and if our consciousness was moving at the speed of light we would still be waiting for the data for many years to come. Yet we produced data right there in class immediately. So by what medium was the information transferred?

One more question. This is deep stuff. Have you concluded these things since you left the military, or was this something figured out while the method was being used back in the day? (I know you how you will answer this question: "It is only way it could be." ) But at least I tried, lol.

Thanks for the interesting material.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Apr-02 Wed, 02:45
Aloha All,

In the empty Universe of X, Y, Z, and Time we find that each aspect seeks infinity. Time is the only aspect that actually has texture. It is like a fabric that no matter how closely you look at it, you will never see the threads of the fabric. When we added plasma to our Universe we see that it too seeks infinity. In the vacuum of space the wave travels on its vector towards infinity. We add a star to our Universe and its' light radiates out towards infinity in every possible vector. It gets a bit sticky here but hang with me. We add Consciousness to our Universe and it begins its' expansion towards infinity. If we are born of mass and EM, then Consciousness is born of Time and EM.

In my model Consciousness actually resides between the plasma of mass and the fabric of Time. Plasma is the threshold between all matter and all states of matter. It not only allows for us to achieve sentience but more than likely means that Time may also be sentient. In my model because you exist as mass in this Universe, and you have a live brain, you have access to a part of the greater consciousness relative to your mass. This is only because Time is a dimension that immediately affects you from conception and development. That portion of consciousness that you use is between your own mass and the fabric of Time. It is sort of an observational timer required by all observers of Time.

When we gather in a group your own consciousness keeps its integrity solely because of plasma. Between my consciousness and yours is a gap that is the ether of the greater consciousness field. Our mass and plasma allow us to partition and use a small part of Consciousness as we are enveloped by Time.

The greater consciousness ether is ambient, so all the yesterdays for all the lives that have ever existed are just there in that gap between you and me. Every stone with mass is there, every castle, and every King, in every Time.

It is also the pathway we use to travel through Time to distant targets. The wave allows us to leap into the gap and return in 1.5 seconds with information about something light-years away. Because of the nature of Time we are not limited to accessing the past, or the distant. In Time the future is already there. But that is a story for tomorrow. It is late...


Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Apr-03 Thu, 03:02
Aloha All,

Dick I will answer your questions before going on into Part 3.

Dick>> Are you saying that EM waves move faster than light speed? Or that they traverse the distances of time and space in a different dimension?

Glenn>> I am not so sure that speed really matters when dealing with moving information across fields of consciousness. In class we have discussed the "Pilot Wave" and I think this is the breeching wave into the greater consciousness field. Because the contact aperture is so small you may not realize the vastness of the access that you have. It may well be that you breech into the greater field and then vector back out at the target in its time. When the pilot waves begin to backwash and blanking begins you lose target contact and have to rinse and repeat. Time and consciousness are so closely related we may find that Consciousness is also a dimension, or a sub dimension of Time.

While I wont say I haven't had any new thoughts since leaving the military most of these thoughts are from a period in 1986 where we attended a retreat to work on entrainment. As is often the case everyone had their own ideas about how it could all work. This was part of a model called "Eggman". Someday I would like to write about Eggman in detail because it is all about Entrainment. There was much that I did not understand (or really care about) at the time but I had no problem with entrainments so I kind of smiled and left the heavy thinking to the heavy thinkers of the day. I personally blame Omni Magazine. If you recall along the way you guys have had to deal with a lot of complexity in the course material and applications over the years. That's why we keep everything. Your notes are full of secrets you haven't pieced together yet.

On to Part 3.

Space, Time, and Consciousness are a riddle of sorts. While our discussion is far beyond the Science that is known, it is not beyond our need to know and understand. Like EM travels towards its potentials, mind also is drawn towards potentials. One of those potentials is the future. Destiny and fate lie just ahead but most do not want to accept that. We are in an age where we believe we have a freedom of choice to guide or change our future. The future can't be predestined, or can it? If Time is a dimension then I bear bad news. If you are reading this then it is not by accident or by chance, you have read it all before. In the Entrainment demonstrations I was always careful to say that all of it had already happened before any of you arrived to participate. It had already happened in the future. I knew what would happen because it was designed to happen just as it did, just when it did. But it wasn't your destiny to witness the entrainment until a small part of the future was rewritten from the past. I say rewritten because you had a different destiny before the entrainment was designed. It is one of the reasons that I believe strongly that little bits of the past can be rewritten from the future in the continuum of Time.

In Las Vegas the entrainment was very successful. It was our most ambitious effort to write a piece of the future (it wasn't just to get my new Sony flat screen). Some of you may remember our first Keno experiment in Las Vegas that failed as an exercise in precognitive tagging. It failed to the tune of over 3 thousand dollars. Precognitive tagging is far less efficient than entrainment. We found that out with the subsequent Keno entrainment that only lasted an hour but was very successful. Those exits in Time to the past and the future from the flow of the greater consciousness are seldom traveled.

It's late again so more in part 4.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Apr-04 Fri, 01:54
Aloha All,

Those exits in Time to the past and the future from the flow of the greater consciousness are seldom traveled. I know this because of all the thoughts, wishes, hopes, dreams, and prayers of the masses of civilizations come and gone that simply failed to materialize. This is not to say that hopes aren't realized, and dreams don't come true, and prayers are never answered. It only means that when something of that nature occurs it is very special indeed. Why doesn't every thought rush back to the past or propel into the future?

What I want to say is that most of the minds work is limited to the confines of your own consciousness. Breaking free into the greater consciousness field must be linked to how you think and not what you think. There must be a "Way" to think that is coherent enough to synapse out through the plasma shielding your conscious self. It is a bit interesting that plasma will allow certain voltages at certain frequencies to pass through it. We see this in the simple plasma shell of any nerve. Without plasma's ability to allow EM to pass you would never see, or hear, or smell, or sense a single thing. I think it is very safe to say that there are doorways into and out of your conscious sense of self.

In the Remote Viewing process we seem to be focused enough to achieve the necessary plasma breech to ride the waves in the greater flow of consciousness. This means the hour or more you put into your session work really does matter. Over time it should become easier to exit to the beyond as more of your neural pathway is rearranged to deal with "How" you think during the Remote Viewing process. I was talking to a viewer recently about this. She felt a little unfocused and felt she was not performing well and had lost a bit of her confidence. I told her that if I don't Remote View for an extended period of time that my ability shrinks until I build it back up. You must keep the neural pathway dedicated to Remote Viewing well exercised or that pathway will atrophy. You must also do as much as you can to stimulate your mind by reading and working puzzles, or something that many adults have forgotten about and that is simply to play a game. The repetitive rise to a mental challenge in a game that challenges your intellect is very recommended to help keep your edge.

I recommend chess against a very tough opponent or set your computer chess game level to "Master". Build yourself against incredible odds and then go play your little brother and wipe him out if you must have a victory. The bottom line is get your mind up and push against the ceiling. A very important aspect is your sensory awareness. Learn to observe visually more accurately, play some music and then turn on the vacuum cleaner and learn to listen through the noise to hear the music, the sense of touch is very important for probing. Practice touching the pen to the page and becoming aware the instant the pen touches the page. You have to sense that moment and you must feel it. Listen to music that you like and follow every note, following complex musical streams is a great way to keep your mind darting after information. Keeping yourself mentally alert is a key to success in Remote Viewing.

Those of you that worked "The Room" were given endless lectures and encouragement on how to engage and develop a target environment. Read your notes again on that project and get your mind right for the next target. Reread your notes on S-7 annex A, B, and C. Keep your plotting skills up and review your conversions to compute (by hand) Elliptical Areas of Probability. Do not let your skills erode. Stay on top and in control,.

Let's go back to the future. No matter the past or the future the point of power is in the now (or reasonably as close as we can get to it). It is in the now where you have an active cognizance. It is from the now that the future or the past can be rewritten. Make no mistake there is a future in Time waiting for you. Whether you do nothing or everything, it is still there because it has already happened. That may be a bit hard to wrap your mind around but remember that Time is a dimension. Destiny is a potential built on the trillions of variables projected beyond you. A path to some and a shinning path to others, but it races towards you as fast as you race towards it. It will come. Wishing will not change it, neither will action, because those are predicts already cobbled into your path. Vegas showed us that a designed entrainment can work. It may take some spatial adaptation in how your mind handles the logic of it all but you know enough about the process to practice and refine rewriting a small piece of your own future. It will happen just as you design it.

I think it is important for you to remember what you have seen in the demonstrations in class. Those were not easy to do. Don't let the money won in Las Vegas overshadow the real value of what you accomplished. It was amazing. We don't go downhill from there, we push on towards a next bigger challenge. Back in the future something will happen. Any target with a future timeline that makes it through analysis becomes a possible entrainment challenge. It will take a great deal of effort to rewrite it in a plausible way but we know it is possible. Safeguard your skill set and spend more time thinking about all the processes you have learned. They are all related and you need them all. You would not be here without them.

Hmmm late again.....more in part 5


Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Apr-10 Thu, 23:54
Aloha All,

This is the final part for this review of last Monday's class. I want to focus a bit on what it means to observe. As Remote Viewers we consider ourselves to be primarily passive. We are haunted a bit by certain truths we understand are distinct possibilities. A statement that is true is that if we observe something we change it. While true, it needs clarification for a perspective to be obtained. Let's say we are at a sporting event where we are observing an archer shooting an arrow at a target. It is not likely that you observing the arrow in flight will change its trajectory and cause the arrow to be more or less accurate towards its target. So what changed? The better question is what could change given the circumstances of the observation? The answer is very little. The truth is that your observation was at best a weak force or effect and not likely to affect anything more than a single photon or electron. The observer's effect is just weak and would not normally rise to a level of an effect in the realm above the quantum.

The problem can be isolated to the single issue of "Gain". Knowing that the observer's effect is by its' nature very weak, it is therefore very unlikely that a Remote Viewer could cross the threshold from the passive to the active and change something at a target. Now what is interesting is that it may be possible to increase the Viewer "Gain" at the target by learning to be more coherent in our viewing effort. By now thousands and thousands of target have been remote viewed by hundreds of viewers. For the most part these efforts produced little if any coherence at any target. Still in its infancy most remote viewers are just as likely to miss a target as to hit a target. And if a viewer hits a target it begins a fluctuating level of contact by a mind that may not be disciplined enough to achieve enough coherence to perceive any semblance of a continuity of a reality, albeit a distant one. If a coherent observation is at best weak, how would you categorize this type of target contact?

It is my opinion that the weight of the observer's effect is cumulative through time. I believe it may be possible to increase the gain of this small effect by increased coherence of the observation. There is a likelihood that certain circumstances may increase coherence also. An example could be to Remote View someone who was either in an altered state, dreaming, or in the extreme comatose. I think the mindset is very important when discussing the observer's effect as it pertains to Remote Viewing. Your mind must be right. You must be totally clear about the endeavor you are engaged in and be able to focus and hold imagery. I practiced for years with placing imaginary imagery on Blackboard and holding it there until I could both maintain the imagery and my observation of it. This is very important because if you cannot hold imaginary imagery you will not hold target imagery. So buckle down and practice.

Another very important skill is the management of your own observation. While we do use set movement orders what I am talking about is the successful and dispassionate duplicity of consciousness you must be able to maintain to sync with movement at a target. You don't do this easily. In fact it can be very difficult. One way to improve your ability to keep pace with movement is to constantly alter what you perceive through observation. Don't just observe a single object. You don't have to observe away from the main object just adjust your focus on anything near the object and keep returning to observe the main object. This allows you to gauge speed and sync; your observation will naturally adjust. Never let the main object of your observation to leave the field of view.

Mind is such an incredible shaper of consciousness. Viewer's who lack confidence will have a hard road ahead of them. If you work on your ability to observe you will see improvements in your abilities to Remote View and your confidence will escalate dramatically. Mind is directly linked to intellect and mentality and to boost mind you must feed your intellect. You must understand the concepts surrounding the altered state and practice entering and managing them. For us this means S-5. In S-5 you must be able to emulate target action in addition to your own observational action. By now you should have improved on your ability to think in pictures or imagery. Continue to practice reading text and perceiving that text as imagery and mental/spatial emulation of the text. The word "Left" in text is a spatial orientation in your mind. Learn to transpose into the spatial language of mind.

Enough to think about for now; see you in class.


Dick Allgire
2008-Apr-14 Mon, 20:51
The game is afoot!

The hunter can become the hunted, and the player can be played. Sidereal 13:30 "sweet spot" is at about midnight in Honolulu for the next few weeks.

Create the entrainment and let it all unfold. I'm on target 3....

The current "Project" is already getting quirky and entrainment will make it even stranger.