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2006-Apr-19 Wed, 16:18
Hi, I just watched a video about remote viewing that had one of the people invovled here on it. Amazing stuff!

I know that this is a Totally Unrelated topic, but I don't even know where else to begin my search.

Is there anyone out there that has experience with PK - psychokenesis? I thought if anyone could point me in a direction to get in touch with someone who has research experience that would be fantastic!

Thanks in advance!

2006-Apr-23 Sun, 09:42
Just curious:what is it about PK that intrigues you?
I would have thought that after seeing a video on remote viewing you would want to try that first?(:-)

2006-Apr-25 Tue, 04:57
Hey there! Well, the remote viewing info is definitely intriguing.

I guess it's just more of a personal thing/interest of mine. I'm interested in all facets of parapsychology, but the PK seems to be the most "tangible" in theory.

I found a page on Uri Geller (www.uri-geller.com) and another on Ted Owens (http://www.williamjames.com/pkman.htm) that both seem to have good information. At least a start maybe!

I guess it's all just a step in the direction to uncover the base forces responsible for these apparant "gifts" for some. If we all have a natural ability to develop these things, why aren't there more instances of people who have? Just seems counterintuitive to me, but hence the search!

Thanks for any guidance.