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Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Aug-23 Sat, 21:49
The Periodicity Target...

Aloha All,

I want to break in a new targeting concept so you can begin to become familiar with it. It is called the "Periodicity" target. Unlike other targets you may work there should be no immediate expectation for feedback on a periodicity target beyond the "Go" at S-3. If you receive a Go at S-3 you know you have satisfied the objectives for target identification so proceed to S-4 and carry the session out to completion. Upon completion your sked or session work will be copied and the originals returned to you. You will be informed that it is a Periodicity target and be given further instructions. The intent is to have the target worked again on a schedule set by the tasker. The requirement may be to work the target once per week, or once every 2 weeks, or on some other timetable. Regardless of the schedule you will not be required to view that specific target more than a total of 3 times after the original session work is complete.

The logic of this type of tasking is to identify significant or major changes at a target that has a potential to change. The change may be the desired information of the tasker.

Once the viewer has a Go at S-3 he/she may consider the gestaltic assembly present in the S-3 to be correct. It will be the viewer's responsibility to maintain their original session work and to review their original work prior to any subsequent effort to work the target again. There is not normally any need to republish a new Target ID for subsequent scheduled taskings of the periodicity target but there is a requirement to place or stamp the date on the back of all pages comprising the session. Viewer's will not presume anything but work each new session from scratch merely following protocol required queries and recording it in Hrvg formats.

An analogy for this type of target would be somewhat reminiscent of the Cold War era where it was important to know the point in time that "The Bear" left his cave.

Questions can be asked here or in class on Monday.