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2008-Aug-25 Mon, 09:15
I noticed that a few post back people were talking about CRV but kept mentioning the Farsight.org site. If I'm not mistaken SRV cannot or should not be confused with CRV as discribed in McMoneagles book or Paul Smiths book. Its my understanding that Courtney Brown went through the CRV course or possibly it was Prudance Calabrise's version of RV, and went out and started his own "Scientific RV." The two SRV and CRV while haveing a similar structure are very different even though they go after the same thing, information.

Dick Allgire
2008-Aug-25 Mon, 10:10
(Short version)
CRV was the method developed by the Ft. Meade unit under Ingo Swann. Ed Dames based TRV on this CRV method. Dames trained Courtney in TRV, and Courtney used this to develop SRV. Courtney trained Pru, and she took it off in a whole other direction. The lineage all goes back to CRV.

Sort of like the Catholic Church, Protestants, Anglicans, Methodists, etc.