View Full Version : Update Target R5M3-T7F0

Dick Allgire
2008-Aug-27 Wed, 21:12
Recently I put out a target for anyone in the RV community to work. The target ID is R5M3-T7F0.

I want to thank George Trammell, Courtney Brown, Daz, Michele, and Sita for submitting sessions. Good work from everyone.

This target is still active, so if anyone else wants to work the target and submit a session you can scan, zip, or .pdf (or send via snail mail) the work to me. I would like to get all the work in the next two weeks. I'm waiting for a few HRVG viewers to turn in their sessions. Summertime, vacation time, other issues- they didn't have time to work it yet. That's okay. Get it in when you can.

We will do analysis and publish the good work of all the viewers. This is an interesting project. Again, if anyone wants to the work the target, or if you have already submitted you can even rework another session, send it in.