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2008-Sep-22 Mon, 03:16
There used to be a place on the HRVG site with links to other RV sites such as Joe McMoneagles. What happened to them?

Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Sep-24 Wed, 23:35
Heya Robert,

The website is still in trouble as we currently have no Webmaster. I have been taking a crash course in Html this last week and have the old Hrvg website running offline to some degree. We do not have the expertise to put the site back on the server as it was and may have to cannibalize the old site data in a rebuild using some commercial web authoring software. The old site was a combination or Sql, Pearl, Java, Html, and like I said before beyond our expertise. While I took a lot of programming in the 80's and am very computer friendly, it will take me a while to get a useful website back on the server. The server btw is a VPS and is a bit more than we may need, we may need to step down a bit to something less complex than a VPS.

I have gone through all the archives on the old site and they are still intact.


2008-Oct-19 Sun, 01:50
maybe Daz would be to help