View Full Version : ANy New Targets to do?

2008-Sep-29 Mon, 03:47
Just wondering if you have any new targets in the works.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Oct-01 Wed, 00:28
Aloha Robert,

I know Dick has some targets going out via an email list. Don't see why you can't get on it. I was able to recover all our past targets from the old website data files, and will get that re-launched here pretty soon. We will resume posting current targets to work then :)


Dick Allgire
2008-Oct-01 Wed, 22:51


2008-Oct-04 Sat, 14:30
Robert i got interesting one - a psi target i cant rv nyself as im front loaded.

It would have partial feedback now and more as it comes in.

Anyone who hasnt read what i said about it recently on irva and goot front loaded .

Gosh i would love to see theguilds good viewers do it.
Maybe help analysis sessions from varius methods, yer the only public rv group that seems to excell in both viewing and analysis.

Sorry if i was wrong to post it but i want to ask people before they read irva list where i was discussing psi session.

Anyone ever get Glenn to do their target? this is a past time mve to current time adventure.

here's how i posted on stargate a taskng,

If you havent read the IRVA list lately where i describe a current psi
case i am working and arent front loaded you may like to work this
target. Partial feedback available and more as it comes in. If you wrk
it pem session any method include all perceptions and be thorough Have
Fun. Two parts focus pastime and move current time.Pem my eyeview at
gmail address, i will reply with feedback i have now and what comes in.
i will include background and what in your sessin seems relevant to
target tasking.

Tasking below

3216 4489

A Past time
describe site significant event as it unfolds,lifeforms, tanguble
objects, landmarks vegetation structures.Gestalt lay of land. Describe
purpose of event activity, the lifeforms involved. Describe lifeforms
also conceptually, their afiliations relevant to activity. Include all
perceptions.What seems meaningful. Move through activity observe
describe, move through gestalt to most relevant central place
activities occurred.

B. Present time
move to current time and describe site in ways that identify where
activity occured and closest most signiicant data to pinpointed site of
past activity. What do you precieve there now? Closest landmarks 360
degrees near site. Be specific include all perception, Have fun

2008-Oct-04 Sat, 17:03
I think I might be frontloaded on this one. Sent you a PM to be sure so I don't spoil it for others.