View Full Version : Wher search-link on your site!

2008-Sep-30 Tue, 00:19
Huh... interesting site...
Im seek for search-url on your site.
Can you advise me!?

P.S. Anybody know about XRumer 5.0 program? Need a link to it...

Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Sep-30 Tue, 01:35
The bulk of our site is offline at this time. We lost our Webmaster some months back and have been slowly recovering. I will rebuild the site as fast as I acquire the skills. I have been learning to manage the server and its operations and that has taken some time. It's been 15-20 years since I did any programming so I have been catching up. My plates a bit full with html, php, mysql, css, and Dreamweaver but I'm getting there. We will not have a search function on the site itself until I get the website content republished on new pages. There is a feature in this forum to search the posts but probably only back to 2006, I will have to regroup the archives to be able to global search the entire decade of postings in our archive.


btw welcome to the forum :)