View Full Version : BBS Mail Feature Repaired

Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Sep-30 Tue, 01:21
Aloha All,

If you recently tried to subscribe to the forum and did not receive the confirmation email from the server with the link and username/password data, that feature is now fixed. The Vbulletin program uses the apache root to send out its email and that is not normally mapped for email at the server. I am not sure why it picks that particular path but I was able to map it into the server email path. I may change the code in the php to a different path to keep all email on the server in the more conventional path.

On Tuesday late afternoon I will make some time to go through the failed emails back to the subscribers and cut and paste the data in a normal email from me. I sent a few this evening and that worked. I see Jelly used that email to get onto the board so I will process the rest that way. Even if the email from the server failed to reach you the program will not let you use the username you selected because it thinks your already subscribed. Once you get my email you can use the link to confirm registration and also in that email will be your username and password. I recommend you change the password after receipt.


2008-Sep-30 Tue, 15:53
I just rec'd another link on my private acct and it activated just fine!