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2008-Oct-01 Wed, 14:59
Can somebody help me figure out the distance between these two points. It has been so long, I'm not sure that I remember how to measure it..

News says that possible evidence of Fossett has turned up in Mammoth Lakes which is at 37 37 37.74N, 118 59 31.21 W.

This is the photo I submitted to the IRVA website during the search itself...the coordinates are 38 16 10.60 N, 119 33 12.87 W

Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Oct-01 Wed, 22:19
I will crack out Topo USA in a bit and check the distance for you unless someone beats me to it. Regardless it looks very close.


daz smith
2008-Oct-02 Thu, 00:17
we also posted some rv stuff on this last September on my blog - we didnt do a location but did get some very good data that hopefully now we can feedback on.


all the best...


2008-Oct-02 Thu, 14:47
Distance Calculation Results

Distance between 37 37'37"N 118 59'31"W and 38 16'10"N 119 33'12"W is
53.9686 statute milesThis calculation assumes the earth is a perfect sphere
with a radius of 3963.1 statute miles

Daz...I will check out your blog this weekend. I have read it several times. I really enjoy it. I have to sew this weekend, so I multi-task and catch up my web reading at the same time. I am doing embroidery and it is so advanced that you just hit the start button and all you have to do is sit there and baby sit the machine while it embroideries...So, I bring the website up and catch up on my reading at the same time!

daz smith
2008-Oct-03 Fri, 11:58
I think you'll like the data its pretty accurate and from a team of (CRV, TRV, TDS and freestyle) viewers with a blind analysis all done and posted before Ed Dames made his coast 2 coast predictions :)

I didn't post all the sessions in sept 07 as some of the team are a littel shy - but mine and the blind analysis went straight online.

All the best...


2008-Oct-03 Fri, 13:30
I did take some notes!!! But, I came in late on this so I don't attempt anything until 9-14-07. Here are my notes:

He was looking for a previously plotted lake bed and got distracted from his instrumentation. He looks up and see smoke/cloud and snow covered peak dead ahead and realized that instrumentation has failed to register upcoming elevated land mass. Knows not all 'clouds' are clouds. Some smoke mixed in and is dealing with mechanical failure. Start to look for fastest place to set down for emergency landing.

Theonly possible site causes him to angle down in almost a nosedive into a ravine, then he has to pull up with sharp manuevering of the plane to follow in the ravine like a runway to the opening of the crater. He actually gets over the land mass but skids into the water as he crosses it and crashes on the other side of the lake bed, submerged.

I never felt he was still with the plane though.

2008-Oct-04 Sat, 19:31
I have a drawing of the ravine that looks very similar to the drawing of the ravine on your website. Will post tomorrow if I can... Also, interesting is the data reference suffocation and underground lake.

This area is close to water...I know because it was part of locating it from viewing to reality for me. Luckily, IRVA posted a topographical map cuz I'm awful with Google Earth stuff, I knew I was looking for something with a steep incline dropping into a ravine with a 'runway' like path that was near water. That's how I came to find the object circled in the picture.

But, it confused me how the plane could crash into the side of the mountain and be submerged. I'm hoping for photo's of the crash site...maybe some flew into water somewhere?

I never felt that Fossett was with the crash site..I wonder if he ejected...?