View Full Version : Looks like Ed Dames came pretty close...

2008-Oct-02 Thu, 12:50
Ed might have nailed this one down with the Fossett Discovery.....


2008-Oct-02 Thu, 14:51
Distance Calculation Results

Distance between 38 28'44"N 119 56'58"W and 38 16'10"N 119 33'12"W is
25.9086 statute miles
This calculation assumes the earth is a perfect sphere
with a radius of 3963.1 statute miles

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Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Oct-02 Thu, 21:18
It would seem that Maj. Dames did quite well on this target. So Ed if your out there congrats, well done. In addition I find the location data from Michele very interesting, I would like to see the rest of her data. I haven't checked Daz's linked info yet, but will get that done tonight. It is always interesting when a puzzle is solved and we can scale our RV data. Interesting indeed.


2008-Oct-03 Fri, 00:16
I will see what I can dig up. Not sure if I took notes. I can only re-post what I put up on the IRVA board. This happened right after I joined and I was still doing everything in my head as I had done for years.

Pretty sure I don't have any notes and I know I don't have any drawings. I can reconstruct the event, but other than be able to produce time stamped photo..that's probably about it.