View Full Version : @Gmail.com Accounts have been banned...

Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Oct-02 Thu, 16:37
Aloha All,

After repeated posting of pornography originating from recently subscribed gmail accounts I have banned gmail addressees from BBS access. In addition .ru accounts are being vetted and may be banned as well. This is a problem that is prevalent throughout the Vbulletin Admin community.

If you have a valid Gmail address and get bumped off the BBS please email me at glenn@hrvg.org and I will set up a new account for you.


2008-Oct-02 Thu, 18:18
I will use my yahoo acct for now...didn't realize it was such a problem with Gmail...it filters the porno on my email really well...

Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Oct-02 Thu, 18:20
I put an exception on your account. You shouldn't have any problems.

:) Glenn

2008-Oct-03 Fri, 00:17
Thanks..I like being able to use my real name.