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Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Oct-07 Tue, 11:25
Aloha All,

Monday night's class went very well. There were a lot issues to discuss and I would like to re-iterate some of those discussions here. First and foremost were chain of custody issues dealing with the handling of target information. When a tasking is completed by a viewer and you bring your session for turn-in at class remember to keep the information in an envelope and not discuss its contents until the appropriate time. Other viewers who have yet to work the target may not appreciate the contamination from being exposed to your data. It is very important to safeguard the initial viewer posture. Initial viewer posture is the absence of any information about a target except the target identifier. It is from this position that we begin the collection process. This is the posture we are used to and the posture required by protocol.

We also discussed the much-awaited publication of the next issue of "On Target" by Dick Allgire. If you are writing an article to be included in the publication be sure to make some progress on it and get it in to Dick for consideration as soon as possible. Articles are not limited by size or even by Guild membership. Anyone in the community can submit articles for publication.

The website was discussed last night as well. The old website will not be coming back. I actually got some technical help from our server provider to re-launch the old site on a test server and the results were not good. The site would only partially launch because some critical files had been deleted and are not recoverable. Other website and BBS "stoppers" were also discovered. The BBS would not allow new subscriptions because the images folder had been discarded by the old Webmaster. There were several issues like this that had to be discovered and resolved. The BBS license had not been renewed in 5 years or so and our BBS version had devolved to dinosaur status or as Vbulletin refers to it as "End of Life". I renewed our license and upgraded the BBS 5 or 6 times to bring it up to the current version. All issues that should have been taken care of along the way. All the content of Guild files and projects are intact as well as the BBS archives dating back to 1998. Currently the BBS will only search back to around 2006 but I will integrate the old archives as soon as I learn how. It is disappointing that the old site is gone, it was our home for over a decade.