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2008-Oct-16 Thu, 16:48

Following threads on IRVA between you and Stephan. I haven't had a chance to read through them all, but would you please elaborate on your comment regarding RV being about conscious propagation?

Glenn B. Wheaton
2008-Oct-16 Thu, 23:20
Michele, I have written a lot over the years about propagation and consciousness. I will dig some of it out and post it here under your thread. Here is a bit to start with. It is an article I wrote for publication in On Target.

La Propagation èlègante


It was just about an hour before noon when the Japanese Submarine I-26 fired 3 torpedoes at the American warship San Francisco. None of the torpedoes struck the San Francisco but a single torpedo slipped beyond and struck the USS Juneau. In an instant 700 men were cast to fate’s hand. Almost 8,000 miles away in a small town of middle America a mother's heart froze as she realized that something was wrong, a feeling that would haunt her for the days to come. Despite the thousands of miles between them and the lack of any news about them, she knew that her 5 sons were in peril. In the South Pacific off the island of Guadalcanal, Albert, Francis, George, and Madison had just been killed. The last remaining son, Joseph Sullivan, adrift on debris after the Juneau went down, would die 6 days later in a personal battle with three sharks that would finally best him in the sea.

Almost 70 years later a young scientist in a laboratory sends two identical photons racing away from each other. The photons fly true. They follow the rules. That is until the scientist introduces a change into one of the photons and is amazed to see the change manifest in the other photon. Quantum non-locality just breeched the signal to noise ratio and like a large donkey in a room full of scientists, it began to bray.

In another part of the world a soldier slips silently into a tunnel in a dense jungle in Southeast Asia. Inside, other soldiers lounge about a small fire, while others sleep nearby. In the back of the tunnel are 3 men bound tightly. Two of the men seem to be French and the third is a German. They are journalists who got too close to the war, but they are not American POW’s. The soldier leaves the tunnel . . . by just simply not being there anymore.

These stories, like many others, give us clues about the nature of our being and our environment. It hints at the connectivity between us, and our world. It is a connectivity that is beyond our technology to isolate and identify. It is a connectivity that is accessed by our conscious or subconscious intent. It is a connectivity that calls to us again and again when danger is near or fate has severed connections dear to us. It has called some from beyond the grave, still others from a time of history. It is a connectivity of relativity in a spectrum that is like the propagated environment of the electromagnetic wave. But it is different. It is very different. It is like the electromagnetic spectrum was alive and this special connectivity was its consciousness. This may not be far from the truth because we have begun to reverse the event. We seek it out and learn to use its pathways. We have begun to communicate with it.

examen èloignè et la vague

We live in a universe where life itself is dependant on the qualities of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is the single most important factor in the ability of a life form to support consciousness. For the human, consciousness is by the grace of the Electromagnetic Wave.

Remote Viewing is perhaps the most elegant expression of human consciousness. Whether or not remote viewing is an event of a propagated field environment, I have no doubts as to the nature of what constitutes the RV Effect and where it occurs. It is an event of non-locality in a spectrum that behaves much like EMF theory outside space/time. Its only enemy is noise.

All remote viewing event data, manifests and is realized within the folds of the electromagnetic brainwaves of our consciousness. There is only evidence of its existence within the cognizance of the minds brainwave field. Despite the non-local nature of the data it arrives on the wave, albeit a quantum one.

There is no evidence to suggest or support that remote viewing is not an exotic propagation of consciousness. On the other hand, we cannot prove this premise. A wise remote viewer once said, “if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck . . . perhaps it is like a duck.”

Because remote viewing is not in the physical it presents a quandary for some to quantify. It brings new questions to the physics of consciousness. Can consciousness behave in a non-local modality?

We tend to explain remote viewing in a format that is laced with terminology borrowed from theories associated with electromagnetic wave propagation. We use these terms because in our frame of reference it is what remote viewing is the most like. It is a model of a non-local propagation-like event that exceeds our technology to identify. It seems to be demonstrative of access to a greater consciousness. It is the demonstration of the acquisition of information beyond the limits of the physical reality and in a manner that indicates non-locality.

The limitations of our own science are what bring about the clamor of dispute over what Remote Viewing is. It is hesitancy, or a faltering step towards credibility while we wait for science to catch up. We prefer to cling to the magic of what we think it is in lieu of accepting what the demonstrated performance indicates within the structure of science.

We exist in a Universe that seems to have a sort of order. We have defined some of that order into laws. In the history of our science we constantly redefine those laws to upgrade our idea of reality. We have concentrated our scientific understanding of the universe on the real and the physical.

Consciousness is real but nonphysical. We have a real problem defining the nonphysical. This is a definition problem of technology and not logic. Our inclination is to observe and replicate the science of it in the laboratory. The nature or laws of consciousness are perhaps the most unexamined in the sphere of human science. So we find ourselves able to replicate but not prove, explain but not quantify.

We think we know that the viewer without the aid of mass, space/time, individual elementary particles, gravity, obvious external electromagnetism, nuclear force or weak forces somehow manages to do something that defies the logic of the assembled laws of the physical. But is it beyond the logic of consciousness or the quantum?

il nous fait dieux

Some would attribute the viewer’s demonstrated performance to some magical accessing of some galactic akashic record or some deep blue expression of the God in us all. But this is more than likely not the case.

Still others postulate a hypothetical signal line. While the dogma stipulates a signal line, few of them believe in it enough to commit to embracing the idea of a spectrum of frequency usage in remote viewing.

As an RF Engineer I agree with the concept of the signal line. It would seem that it is the most likely scenario. I am biased because I know the value of frequency. I know frequency is the scale of our real measure. There are those that believe there is no lower measure of frequency than the hertz. In reality it is an arbitrary measurement we apply in labeling that portion of spectrum we can actually detect and identify. It is like believing there is nothing below the big 55 on your radio dial. This is flat earth mentality in a universe scaled by frequency.

Remote Viewing is more than likely exactly what it seems to be. Exactly what it seems to be the most like. What logic implies. It is the exchange of information across fields of overlapping consciousness.

It is less a phenomenon and more a communication skill. For humans at our stage of evolution it is an advanced communication skill. It is possibly the most advanced communication skill able to be demonstrated by the human, able to be replicated by other humans, and the first non-local demonstration of communication to get a foot in the door of the scientific community. The keyword here is communication because the human only really does one thing. It seems to really only serve a single purpose. The human communicates. No matter how far down the road you go and what you see or say or do you still only communicate. All thought, all actions, all sensory exchanges, and everything associated with being human is a form of, or a facilitation of, communication. It is what we do. It is all we do.

The question is what kind of communication event is remote viewing? We know that the effect is realized in the conscious mind. Consciousness is a propagated field activity of the brain under electromagnetic bio-chemical influence. Consciousness is active when there is more than life. Life or the state of living does not imply consciousness.

Would science attribute consciousness to a single living cell? Would we attribute consciousness to inert material such as rocks or the dark matter of space?

Consciousness grants me the “I am”. It is the unique cerebral cognizance of myself in a virtual crowd of conscious beings sharing a common medium of space in time. Awareness is the expression of our individual consciousness in an active state. We function within the limitations of what we perceive that state to be and embrace a behavior of mind. It is that behavior that drives a projection of mentality. We assess each other on the displayed state of that mentality. We actually judge the competence of a person by their display of mentality, never really understanding the consciousness that is driving it or the mind that is shaping it. Consciousness is born of brain and mind on a foundation of bio-tissue, electromagnetics, and chemicals and exists not in matter but in fields and effects.

Laissez votre conscient soyez votre guide

An anomaly of consciousness is intuition. Evidence of intuition is evidence of a pathway or connectivity to something beyond the direct consciousness. It is an event of non-local awareness. Non-locality becomes more of a factor when dealing with any remote viewing activity. It is behavior outside the conventional mentality. Remote viewing seems to bridge the gap between fields of consciousness separated by space and time.

The task is to identify the type of communication that remote viewing is. Remote viewing is an advanced communication skill in humans which has a point of origin for transmission and reception that is identifiable. It happens in the human conscious awareness. This is a very important clue about the real nature of remote viewing.

The reception or realization of the non-local data occurs in the consciousness of the viewer. The consciousness is a propagated field environment. We say that it is a propagated field environment because that is exactly what it is. Consciousness, despite its many other attributes, qualities, and behaviors is not a physical thing. It is micro clustering of electromagnetic fields in and around its power source, the live human brain.

Any event of non-locality occurring within the conscious awareness of a human is demonstrative of an exchange between like fields of consciousness. The real missing information is what is the spark that ignites the state of non-locality?

We seem to be able to forecast remote viewing event size in terms of time but cannot solve it for frequency. Research in the event size in regards to sidereal time and the geomagnetic index reveal the type and nature of an environment that affects remote viewing performance or event size. Instead of a propagation chart showing the most and least useable frequencies for a block of time, we can only forecast the most useable and least useable time for the acquisition of non-local data. It is still demonstrative of propagated environment that can be forecasted in a limited way.

One thing we must all remember is that we do not know the truth of it. At best we have an idea and have devised an arbitrary means to secure a result. It is much like the mouse in the maze that has learned the route to the cheese. While we may excel in the maze and get fat on the cheese we are no closer to knowing the purpose of the maze or the source of the cheese. For some that is enough.


As humans we function almost exclusively in the past. Before I can say it I must formulate it and put it into language. I must speak it. Before you can hear my words they must travel to you and be collected, processed and understood within the field of your consciousness and intellect. All the while time has been steadily streaming and somewhere along the way we realize that we are functioning just a wee bit behind the now of reality. We realize that we are designed this way. We batch process bandwidth strips of the near past as our realized present. Simple non-locality for us would be to even for a single moment, grasp the real present, the real now. A place most of us think we are at already . . . but won't realize for a few seconds. la fin


2008-Oct-23 Thu, 00:44
Can't wait to read some more on this subject. I know you are trying to get the database back on line, but when you get the chance, I would like to find some of the older articles.

2008-Oct-24 Fri, 05:30
Glenn this is one of the subjects that makes me glad, when it arises on other rv list groups, that i was persistant in urging you not to give up public discussions on rv because of the personally offensive few and the lame tendencies of many to let other people do their thinking, that it wasnt worth the effect to discuss even debate the theories f rb, the mysteries. I'm glad you found many eager to ponder and at least explore view points and not assume such things as "0h its been proven there is no signal line no carrier wave" Yeah well i am still waiting for my library card to read those askasic (sp)records. While i have no reference inderstanding in propogation waves radio and all that, my best understanding of the rv process is that it is a communication process that involves info tranfer via a carrier wave signal line. From the point of view of doing, and observing the doing.
What spark is it? that we dont exactly know, but perhaps the focus of coherent consciousness, the minds ability to tune into a receptive state, and to use the task. the questing intent to for instance allow the coordinates to "send" out to the target ping - a willingness to communicate, for information transfer. Inanimate objects events places while not self conscious are imprinted with or somehow are able to respond, answer back in sme wau in a two way communication.

I cant describe it well but in a our focused query combined with a coherent field, tuned in to asking and recieving and decding by the mind is a necessary pole of the communicatin circuit. This perhaps creates the power the spark which impenges on the target. And the returning ping impenges on the mind field, It seems a strength of signal contact can then develop, lock on to the cmmunication channel tunning out noise from the environment, the physical local imput,and from the tendencies to scan perhaps unawares for addresses not precisely the task at hand.

For example if we probe an ideogram or a sketch in crv we are sending anther ping, quest, query and sensing to recieve the answer. Some type signal line is in effect in sessioons that can almost be plapally felt. But of course i guess on f my main reference systems is a sense of touch, feeling motion, that provide me access to visuals and conceptuals.

But Glenn it had seemed for long while nearly everyone was ready to dissmiss the possible signal line as an outdated concept smehow proven because they could not block it, because it didnt have the properties they could measure, as if anyone had actually prove it wasnt inherent in the rv psi process.