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2008-Oct-18 Sat, 05:35
20 years ago, we called this a guided meditation and it is how I learned to meditate..period. No intention of remote viewing was mentioned nor wanted. It was a way for our instructor to make us more 'aware'. We never called her a 'monitor', she was instructing. Now, she was a member of the American Psychical Association along with a list of other organizations, so I can allow for the fact that there might have been some cross culturalization without intention. It was an informal meditation group exactly like the one Daz Smith describes in Surfing the Psyhic internet.

I have made references to several people in this community over the last 6 weeks that I am just now learning an RV protocol and have been using a meditative process in the past. This is the best description, along with the process for Extended Remote Reviewing that best describes my own meditative process. I don't need a monitor to ask me these basic questions anymore and a few have been left out of this particular example. But, it is hard for me to be curious about the target both in meditation and in the HRVG method. If a target is not already very rich in detail for me, it is hard for me to generate that detail.

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From: "Stephan A. Schwartz" <saschwartz@earthlink.net>View contact details To: irvamembers@yahoogroups.comRead Opening to the Infinite, or one of Joe McMoneagle's books to get
instructions as too how we do it.

In general terms the viewer is asked bv the monitor to make a little
drawing. The monitor then asks questions that do not contain or cue
an answer. Look down at your feet, what do you see? Look to the left,
what do you see? Look to the right, what do you see? Go up in the air
a few feet until you can get a full view. What is the most prominent
shape you see? Is there a color that predominates, etc. etc. Seasoned
viewers like Joe don't need monitors, they have their own internal
ritual (as opposed to an externally prescribed uniform ritual). But
naive viewers do benefit from having monitors. But the monitor has to
learn to be neutral and to understand the bias power of questions.

For instance if I put a picture of a person who had been murdered in
an envelope and even though you couldn't see it I said, Marv, can you
tell me how this girl was murdered, I have destroyed the utility of
that session. The proper question would be: A person is pictured in
this envelope, please describe the present circumstances and
conditions of this individual.