View Full Version : EMF protection for RVing

2009-Jan-02 Fri, 22:42
I ran across an interesting "EMF tent", that could be used for RVing. Even though it's for a bed, you could easily put a card table and chair inside instead and do a session in a very quiet atmosphere.



Dick Allgire
2009-Jan-03 Sat, 00:33
Looks like it also keeps mosquitos out. Actually I think keeping out mosquitos might be the only valid use for this.


2009-Jan-03 Sat, 22:53
Oh come on Dick..... don't be such a spoiled sport....lol.... you know as well as I do, it just might get the job done, and keep those EMF's out.

Silver would probably work as well as copper.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Jan-04 Sun, 13:10
Aloha JP,

I'm gonna agree with you lol. Anything that would limit the amount of em pollution is a good thing but dang did you see the prices? These canopy's are seriously overpriced.


2009-Jan-04 Sun, 18:44
Aloha Glenn,
I did notice those prices, but you gotta figure, silver is not that cheap. It makes you wonder how much a copper tent would cost, why the company that makes the silver ones doesn't offer that.

RVers are constantly looking to improve their chances of having super skeds and a tent like this might be a good choice, and on another note, you could also sleep inside this tent too, and see how that works for your dreams.

Hey, I just thought of something, I wonder why Ed Dames doesn't offer something like this, he strikes me as the type of guy that would jump on something that could improve results. I'm still using his Mindazzle game and enjoying it and actually have a bunch of freinds who like it too. It's a great way to demonstrate, in short order for newbies, how the sub works and gives you data.