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Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-May-03 Wed, 11:07
Aloha All,

Some weeks back a Target was tasked in which a single ground truth was established. That truth was that there existed somewhere a "Room". That there would be a room someplace is not especially amazing but when we consider what can be learned about the room, its fixtures, and occupants it gets a bit more interesting.

In the years of training we have conducted at HRVG the viewers find that they have at their "Will" a complete skill set of tools to begin to look at the room closely. Initially I instructed that the viewers simply accept the room and concern themselves with the local environment of the room. This means those immediate areas in close proximity to the room and includes the structure or building housing the room and the walkabout areas exterior to the room.

The viewers are encouraged to exploit those tools they posses to make rational determinations concerning distance and general measurement. An example was proffered for the use of VISIDS and pacing to estimate the length and width of the room. I could explain a myriad of ways to combine tool applications to solve other room riddles but that would defeat the purpose of the viewer's innovation with skills they already posses. Whether they be VISIDS, Timelines, Ideograms (directional or otherwise), Playfairs or Cascade tools the viewers must attempt combinations of tools to exploit in a survey manner the room and its adjacent areas.

Emulation and NLP pacing is the tool of choice for the humans that may be in the room. While viewers are encouraged to generate as complete a picture as possible about the room the expectation is that the viewer will be able to brief and speak authoritatively about the room, its location, and its occupants in some detail and defend their work in an interview process.

Just a few things to consider on your trips to the "Room" in the coming days.