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Dick Allgire
2009-Jan-08 Thu, 22:21

Several years ago we worked THE ROOM project where you had us remote view a location, attempt to establish a foothold and marker at the target, and then go back numerous times to extract more and more data.

Im sort of trying to repeat that, and having some difficulty addressing the target over the course of numerous sessions on my own without a subcue or a monitor.

I was given a target ID, which of course was, and still is, blind. On Tuesday night I thought about the target. I took it to Blackboard briefly and jotted down a couple of Visual Ideograms before falling asleep. Wednesday morning I got up and worked a full session as soon as I got out of bed (still groggy) at 13:30 Sidereal time.

I was given a GO after submitting this session. (The GO means my data seemed congruent to target.) No feedback, just a green light to continue, having established at least minimal target contact.

Thursday morning I got up at dawn again in the Sidereal sweet spot and reviewed my work and went straight to Edging and an S-5 Isolation. I drew my work and smoothed (smoothing is resketching and expanding earlier work) some of the previous data.

The tasker tells me the work is interesting, and he would like more data.

Heres the dilemma. Now that Ive produced quite a few pages, and had time to think about it all, Im battling my conscious thoughts about the target, which are naturally all wrapped up with subconscious data that has had time to sink in and percolate up.

Without going into full S-5 Theta monitored, Im wondering how to address this target again in the morning, a third time. Im thinking of taking various gestalts from the previous work to Blackboard for 15 seconds as if revisiting S-4 Cascade. Or subcueing myself and starting at Playfair to work faster.

I cant exactly recall how I addressed all of this in the Room project. The worst thing is to be on target producing good data and then quit before youve mined as much as you can. But sometimes you get the feeling you want to quit while youre ahead.

Glenn I know you can go back to target and replay and loop it again and again at will, but us mere mortals have a difficult time wrestling with this.



Dick Allgire
2009-Jan-08 Thu, 22:48
By the way Glenn, I seem to be in cycle, so if you want me to work your S-7 Annex A fixes get them to me before Saturday, please.