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2009-Jan-17 Sat, 10:13

My name is Karl & I am returning to HRVG after an absence of about 6 years. I live in Virginia. I completed the HRVG online course around the turn of the millenium. It looks like there has been some changes to the website since I last visited. I'm glad to see some familiar names of members (Sita, Jimmy, etc). I'll need to brush up on my technique again, but look forward to working some targets!


Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Jan-18 Sun, 22:57
Welcome back. The website is still under the weather since we lost our Webmaster but the bbs here is still moving along. Sita will be glad to hear from you, she is a mother hen of sorts to the OT program as I am sure you recall. In the meantime welcome back and jump in anywhere :)


Jimmy Williams
2009-Jan-24 Sat, 19:22
Hi Karl,
I do remember you. I have been out of touch as well, and have since moved to California. If I recall properly, we actually did some coaching at one time. What brings you back to HRVG?

2009-Jan-26 Mon, 06:29
:) Hi Karl, et al-
Nice to see your post. Same for you, Robert, and Jimmy!

We are working to bring the rest of the board back up, aren't we, GW.

One of the areas we need to bring back up is the target page.

I would like to collect some new target data, so if anyone would like to contribute, I just need a good photo, the photographer's name, location, and the object of the target (i.e. Fountain of Youth, Barcelona, Spain, September 21, 1521). If you have some unusual target that you think would be interesting, shoot me an email and I will add it to the target list. If sending validation targets (those that can be substantiated via photograph or personal knowledge of some type), your personal photos are desirable. It beats going throught the data to ensure we are not violating copyright laws.

I plan to make a CD collection out of these eventually.

Take care,