View Full Version : The True Story Behind Push

2009-Mar-03 Tue, 11:31
Glenn should have been a consultant on this movie......


Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Mar-13 Fri, 00:41
Aloha J.P.,

I got a chance this evening to see the movie Push and found it very interesting and quite entertaining. How the power structure would be forced to struggle to manage, if not control, people with extraordinary abilities was well exhibited. It becomes the ultimate Jungle.


2009-Mar-13 Fri, 12:51
Aloha Glenn,
I didn't get a chance to check out this movie yet, but it's interesting to see how many movies and TV shows are devoted to "super powers" and how just plain folks seem to have them and use them. It does make you wonder what's just around the corner for us here, or maybe the "super beings" will finally come out of the "woodwork" and show us what they can do.

We need a really good movie on remote viewing, that's the one that still needs to get made!!