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Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Mar-08 Sun, 18:27
Aloha All,

Monday night's class will be a bit different from most classes. I will be working a target selected by the Guild as a second effort to place information from the present in the past. The only thing I have been told about this target is that it conforms to the premise of the experiment and is at least 20 years in the past. I will work this target on the Whiteboard and expect to take at least an hour and a half or a bit longer. Dick will record the event on video. Feedback on this target will not be published until the following Monday.


Dick Allgire
2009-Mar-10 Tue, 23:29
Glenn conducted his second in a series of demonstration sessions last night. He worked a blind target in real time, live in front of HRVG members, with video cameras recording the entire session from start to finish.

The project is on-going so we will not discuss the target at this time.

But I would like to comment a bit on how strangely my cameras behaved as this remote viewing session got underway. Since Iíve been a professional television journalist, video photographer, and video editor for more than 30 years I know quite a bit about video equipment.

I wanted to be sure to get clean audio and good video of Glennís entire session. I brought a Sony HC-1000 DV camera with a Sony digital microphone. I also had a Sony HRV 1AU HD DV cam with an Audio Technica wireless microphone, and most importantly a heavy duty NP-QM91D extra capacity long life battery. Iíve worked with all of this stuff many times professionally and I know how to use it.

Prior to Glennís session I had everything fully charged, tested, squared away and good to go. We got to Glennís house and he had a white board set up in his front room. I put fresh tapes in the cameras, mounted them on tripods, set the white balance, tested the audio and got ready to roll tape.

Glenn flexed his forehead, sucked in a very long, deep breath, and got ready to begin the session. My Sony DV cam went completely haywire. It shut itself down and would not power back up. I cycled the on/off switch and got it fired up, and it immediately ďdingedĒ and powered down again. This cycled about 4 times. I got it powered up and it dinged again and gave me a cryptic ďerrorĒ message that I have never seen before. I gave it a solid tap and Glenn (waiting to begin his session) joked about my high tech diagnostic and repair technique. Two more restarts and it seemed to be working. The camera simply went on the fritz for a few moments, then functioned normally.

I turned my attention to the High Def camera. I powered up the fully charged battery and discovered with some horror and amazement that it instantly drained and showed only about 12 minutes of power remaining. This is fairly new battery that Iíve used maybe a dozen times, a battery that should last hours. I know it was fully charged when I left my house, and the camera was not turned on until Glenn was ready to start the session. What sucked the power out of this battery? Lucky I had a power cord and adaptor. Both cameras finally worked and I have excellent video of this session, which lasted nearly 90 minutes.

The session was outstanding, in my opinion the best demonstration of remote viewing ever captured on video. It is a key piece of history and Iím glad I was able to make this video, which in time will eventually be released to the RV community.

I wonder what made the equipment act so funny?

2009-Mar-11 Wed, 07:50
Maybe it was one of us over here on the mainland trying to remote view the experience while we were sleeping. ...LOL!;)