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2009-Mar-12 Thu, 07:47
Can anyone answer a question for me? If psi studies have been conducted in rooms that are shielded against electro-magnetic fields/waves etc...then what force is in the room?

The assumption is that because psi works in a shielded room, it can't be happening due to electro magnetic waves...so, what's left besides gravity?

Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Mar-12 Thu, 17:25
Aloha Michele,

Shielded rooms or Faraday cages are literally full of EMF. Faraday cages have different ratings depending on materials and weave and really only block a portion of the spectrum. I am a SME (subject matter expert) in regards to RF and shielding and there are no rooms that are totally electromagnetically quiet. It is totally wrong and deceiving how the shielded room or Faraday cage is being proffered as proof that RV is not an EM process :)