View Full Version : The Art and Science of Probing Ideograms (Video Clip)

Dick Allgire
2009-Mar-17 Tue, 20:57
The Art and Science of Probing Ideograms (VIDEO CLIP)

Glenn worked a blind target on a white board on camera in front of HRVG last week. In this brief clip you will see Glenn consider and recite the target ID, and then express the target as a spontaneous ideogram on the white board. Then, using the instrument that created the ideogram, he probes the ideogram for sensory data. Watching him probe, you can feel the intensity of his concentration. In the moment the pen touches the ideogram, the most important thing- the only thing Ė on Glennís mind is the need for target data. He is listening intently. Thatís how you probe an ideogram.

The information he produces is direct, grade A target data. From there he went on for one full hour describing and drawing the target in exact and correct detail. The spontaneous ideograms helped get him there. Learning how to express the target in a spontaneous ideogram, how to probe it and recover data, is an essential tool of the remote viewer.



2009-Mar-18 Wed, 16:29
Nice clip Dick! I wish you could use a little indirect lighting to brighten things up a bit, but all in all, good video.

After reading what you wrote in the first post in this thread, it's almost as if you need to give a lecture on what's "listening intently" in order to "recover data" really means. As a student of remote viewing, I now know what it mean's, but it took me too long to figure that out...! Also, Glenn makes it look so easy that it's almost like magic, whereas the average student spends, hours and hours, if at all, actually getting some half-decent data, through their probing.

I've had a little experience in teaching students (not the HRVG version of RVing, but the Ed Dames version... which is another long story) probing spontaneous ideograms and how hard it is to get across to the students exactly how they work, why they work and how to execute them correctly.

So it's neat to see the vocabulary you use to explain all this,... I'm the perpetual student, so I learn from all the post's here on the boards.

I hope you don't mind me saying it, but I would hope you can do a short post, sometime in the future (or maybe Glenn can) of exactly what is happening in the RVers mind (in this case Glenn) when he probes that ideogram. The ideas that just pop-in, the words that seem to come out of nowhere, the "knowings", the quick flashes which are so subtle as to be almost impossible to sense, the first impressions that are the real intuitive data.... etc. A post like that would be gold.... to the student anyway.