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Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Mar-29 Sun, 15:14
Aloha Tony,

The theoretical possibilities are perhaps more interesting the longer one has to dwell on the implications.

You stated...

Another paradox occurred to me: If the photo contains all possible implants from the future at the time it was developed, what if Glenn decides to go back now and implant something recognizable that we know is not there now. Since it isn't there now then we know Glenn will not do it. Does this deterministic fact preclude Glenn from exercising his free will to attempt the implant or does it require him to fail in the attempt?

There is a growing undercurrent in some scientific circles that reality may in fact be individually definable and that reality can be promulgated to others. I was discussing this a bit with Dr. Courtney Brown this morning in regards to the message. In my previous post I stated that the paradox minimizes and I believe that to be true. We are wrestling with why the message must be brought in to focus by adjusting the scale of the master image. If you view the master image it is a soup of image and artifact and only with difficulty can you see the possibility of the message forming. If you had a knob that you could turn that would let you smoothly scale the image density up or down you would see the message achieve coherence at about 900/72. You could in-fact have been familiar with this image all of your life and never known the message existed and until you shift your perspective it is not in reality, its existence is minimized.

I think that this implies that for most of us reality is a bit of a confused sea of data. We use focus to bring structure to our reality and what is possible seems to be limited by our ability or willingness to focus. Statements are beginning to surface in some areas of science that there possibly is no time, and no space, and reality is a construct that is limited by our ability to intellectualize and comprehend. A Super Reality could exist and the ants and mice would never know it.

It would seem that history can be rewritten but at our level of cognizance at best we can manage but a scribble or two on an old photograph but it doesn't threaten the fabric of reality and doesn't force a Super Reality. If I, or anyone revisits the image and attempts to place additional information there then two truths emerge. The first truth must be that the information is already there. The paradox requires it. The 2nd truth is a bit subtler and deals with observational intellect. To see the new message you would first have to see the possibility of it.