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Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Apr-12 Sun, 22:36
Aloha All,

Well there will be a remote viewing conference this year and it will be in Las Vegas. The Conference dates are June 19th through the 21st at the Green Valley Ranch Resort. This resort is very close to the McCarran International Airport. It is just a bit southeast of the airport. If your from Hawaii and are considering attending you may want to book your package through Vacations Hawaii. There are several hotels in their packages and the closest to the conference venue is The Orleans. Staying at the Orleans will mean we won't have to drive the strip every day. You can also stay at the Green Valley Ranch as well but it is not a package hotel and you will have to pay the conference rates for lodging. If possible we can stay at the Orleans and share a rental car to make the conference daily.

Hrvg's Dick Allgire will be the Master of Ceremonies this year and we will know in a day or so if he will also be a presenter. They will release the names of the presenters on Monday or Tuesday. Good luck Dick, I hope you get selected. I understand they have received more presentation proposals this year than in any previous years.


Dick Allgire
2009-Apr-13 Mon, 22:43

I'm working on graphics for a presentation on Masking And Entrainment.


Dick Allgire
2009-Apr-13 Mon, 22:44
Here is the graphic.


Dick Allgire
2009-Apr-15 Wed, 19:44
I was notified by IRVA that my proposal for a presentation was accepted, and I will be presenting at the upcoming conference. This presentation will include some very good recent remote viewing work by Debra, Anne, Maria, Sita, and Jason (HRVG) as well as Michele (ERV), Daz and George Trammell (CRV) and Courtney Brown (SRV).

Masking and Entrainment- A Case Study
Will Tanner Dam Collapse?

Presentation Proposal
IRVA Conference 2009 Las Vegas, Nevada
Dick Allgire
Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild

This project explores masking and entrainment. Masking is the art of arbitrary target design to facilitate the extraction of data to be extrapolated to another unrelated target area. In other words you design and create a target to represent the masked target. The data produced by a viewer working the mask represents data congruent to the masked target.

Entrainment occurs when aspects of the overlay mask target begin to reflect potentials active in the real target area. The mask becomes a living target and activity or changes in the real target are mirrored in the overlay.

Remote viewers using various disciplines- including CRV, SRV, HRVG, and ERV- were tasked with a mask target. The target was “Tanner Dam” a fictitious earthen dam created, visualized, and given analytical servicing by the tasker. The dam represented a mask of the actual target, which was the New York Stock Exchange.

The design of the mask and entrainment was to have activity at the Tanner Dam mirror activity at the New York Stock Exchange. At the conception of this project (June 2008) the Dow Jones average was over 12,000. When the mask target was tasked and sessions worked (July-August 2008) the Dow Jones average was well above 11,000. The timeline in the tasking was “near future” (looking ahead 90 days.)

What happened at Tanner Dam in the fall of 2008?

Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Apr-17 Fri, 00:01
Aloha and Congrats Dick,

I am glad your presentation proposal passed muster at the IRVA Board. I know they received a record number of proposals this year. I think your topic will generate a lot of interest so you will have to be sure and prepare to defend your logic and data as well as pull off a Wiz Bang presentation! Imua !


A. Edward Moch
2009-Apr-17 Fri, 18:07
Nice to know that you both and guess, some of the HRVG staff will be attending this years conference too.

Depend if things (My scedule) lightens up a bit on my side, I hope to pay a quick visit or attend the conference.


With Good Intentions:

Al (A. Edward Moch)

Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Apr-21 Tue, 21:40
Its been a few years, but nice to see your still lurking out there :) The conference is shaping up to be quite an event with lots of possibilities.


A. Edward Moch
2009-Apr-23 Thu, 09:46
Hello Glenn;

Thanks for the update on the conference in June. Yep... I'm still around, and still plugging along:cool:

I tried to tell you, my reputation speaks for itself... and much has happened since we both saw one another some time back. I guess your still plugging along too... good! The more we can expose the various potentals of RV, the more the public-at-large will better understand, no matter how we look at it:)

Hope to run into you in Vegas.

With Good Intentions;

Al (A. Edward Moch)

PS: Feel free to pick my brain and check the Internet from my bios.