View Full Version : Masking Entrainment Thread at TKR

Dick Allgire
2009-Apr-16 Thu, 19:57
Iím happy to see my Masking & Entrainment project has generated some discussion at the TKR website. I registered there to join the discussion, but there seems to be a delay getting the verification email to me. Until I get registered feel free to cross post this on that site.

I donít want to give my whole presentation away prior to the conference. Right now Iím making an outline and starting to create graphics. I usually put in at least about 100 hours preparing a presentation for IRVA. I literally spent months creating and servicing the mask (The Tanner Dam) and I'll show some of the detailed sketches and research that went into this before I ever gave viewers a target ID.

Masking and Entrainment is a fascinating topic. Glenn first introduced these ideas at HRVG quite a few years ago, and I must admit it took me a few years to begin to understand the concepts, and even longer to design and execute a project.

We worked a few ďmaskĒ targets that we know about for Glenn at HRVG over the years, and probably a few more than we realize. I remember doing what seemed to be a standard validation target where I got the basic gestalts of a known location. Then Glenn peeled away the mask and showed us the real target and I remember having chills go up my spine. (Iíll show this work at the conference.)

Masking is spooky enough. Entrainment seems more like sorcery. But neither involves telepathy or remote influencing.

The purpose of the project was not to predict the stock market. The stock market was simply an interesting vehicle to test my understanding and execution of masking and entrainment. My first goal was to see if I could create a mask that was viable and robust enough to have viewers produce congruent data. I tasked the target with some trepidation. As viewer myself I understand how viewers hate to be given ďbogusĒ or ambiguous, or null targets. I realized that if I got a bunch of people to spend their time and energy on this, and if my masking and targeteering skills were poor the viewers would want to wring my neck.

My next goal was to entrain the mask to the real world target, to make the events at the mask mirror events at the real target. This would allow viewers to perceive robust and unambiguous gestalts in the mask that in fact described abstract concepts at the target.

I also wanted to find out if any viewers would penetrate the mask and produce data about the real underlying target. None did.

The viewers did a great job and I am thrilled with their session work. We put the data through standard HRVG low-level analysis and what emerges from that describes the mask perfectly. Some critical analysis is even more interesting.

As people raise questions about the project it will help me prepare for the Q & A session in Las Vegas, which should be interesting.