View Full Version : HRVG Roulette Entrainment Practice

Dick Allgire
2009-Apr-28 Tue, 20:21
We've begun rehearsals for our Roulette Entrainment at the upcoming IRVA conference in Las Vegas. Bring a $100 dollar bill and piggyback our entrainment plays. Paul found this to be a good idea in last nights game.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Apr-29 Wed, 10:07
Aloha Dick,

Monday night's class was a good rehearsal. Next week I think I will plot the entrainment on the whiteboard so everyone knows exactly what to expect. It is important that everyone know their role. Suspension of ego is a prime concern, because the entrainment is not dependant on ego but affinity. We are merely placeholders for affinity so we must just let it happen. The class did well on Monday. Team Monopoly (Mr. Hat, Mr. Car, and Miss "B") ended with a nice profit. The second team, Team Choas (Anne, Maria, and Paul) need to rehearse playing in a non-entrained role, their tendency was to mirror the push and play of Team Monopoly which does not emulate the normal chaos plays of those betting their own mind which are part of any casino table scenario. Team Monopoly must be "Order" and Team Chaos must be "Chaos".