View Full Version : Good S-3

Dick Allgire
2009-May-17 Sun, 18:51
I'm working with a lady in Texas, Michele. She's learning HRVG method via DVD's, emails, and Skype conversations, and doing very well. This is Michele's latest session work. At S-3 she describes the gestalts of the target very nicely in visual imagery that captures all the main elements, without jumping to conclusions. It is a good S-3, and Michele is ready to go to S-4 with this work.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-May-19 Tue, 00:02
Aloha Dick,

Nice job, my compliments to Michele. The S-3 was very interesting. Upon review of the entire session it is an excellent example that helps make the case for RV. I look forward to meeting Michele at the conference next month in Las Vegas.


2009-May-20 Wed, 02:18
Thanks to you both. I'm really having a good time doing all this. Looking forward to meeting everyone next month! Can't believe it is already so close to time for the conference!