View Full Version : Magic- or Entrainment?

Dick Allgire
2009-May-22 Fri, 12:27
Today I visited a nationally certified Notary Public to have a document officially dated and notarized. Here are some photos of the event. You can see me holding the envelope, which will be sealed and dated. You can see the notary Ms. Tagovailoa affixing her seal and notarizing the document. And there is a closeup of her signed acknowledgment.

This is an entrainment demonstration for the upcoming IRVA conference. Don't miss my presentation, when I hope to unseal the envelope. It could be interesting when we see what was notarized.

You know what they say, "What happens in Vegas..."


Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-May-22 Fri, 16:51
It will be an interesting revelation lol. The conference is getting more interesting every day. I am thinking your presentation will be the single most important presentation to date at an IRVA conference. Prepare to defend the magic.


Dick Allgire
2009-Jun-22 Mon, 15:30
It was nice to get feedback on this ENTRAINMENT exercise on the first day of the IRVA conference. Those of you who were there may want to take another look at these photos and note the date. We will post more about this later. I just got off the plane from Vegas...