View Full Version : R.V. Experiment on Twitter

2009-Jun-01 Mon, 23:20
This seem's interesting.....


2009-Jun-02 Tue, 10:56
I just realized mjoo1jk posted about this already.... sorry for the redundant post.... :eek:

2009-Jun-02 Tue, 11:14
How are you doing JP...long time no see.

2009-Jun-02 Tue, 21:30
Jim, I hope CA is treating you well? It's been a while since I ran into you in a mall lately...lol...remember our little meet-up in Santa Monica? As for me, there have been some changes, good ones, that I have to PM you about. I'm also living in Orange County now... I thought I'd move around a bit.

I hope you're getting used to the earthquakes, the last one we had a few weeks ago, was really close by, it was only something like a 4.0 but wow... did my apartment shake big time...I'm happy the buliding didn't fall down...lol.

Aside from that there have been some psychic changes in me too....interesting improvements.... but hey... that's another story.

Hang in there brother.....