View Full Version : Photographic Documentation of Necktie Entrainment

Dick Allgire
2009-Jun-25 Thu, 20:55
These are the first 4 photos from the notary office, May 22, 2009. Close-ups of the documents, me with the envelope labeled HAM TULIPS (anagram for Paul Smith) which was sealed and dated, and then photos from the conference of Paul's necktie on June 19, 2009, and the notarized document after it was removed from the envelope.

Additional photos in post below.

Dick Allgire
2009-Jun-25 Thu, 20:57
Photos from the conference, of Paul's tie and the document after the envelope was opened during the presentation. Compare document to the one being authenticated by the notary in earlier photos.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Jun-25 Thu, 21:00
Aloha Dick,

Again nice job at the conference. I am sure the Entrainment demo will cause some head scratching.


2009-Jun-29 Mon, 00:13
Hi Dick,

Amazing accomplishment.

This prompts a couple of questions:

Has any thought been given to the implications entrainment presents for the exercise of free will?

Isn't Associative Remote Viewing a type of entrainment? In ARV one of the binary targets backward influences the selection of the surrogate. For that matter isn't "entrainment" the core fundamental of remote viewing? Probably the greatest breakthrough in the development of RV was not the ideogram but the assignment of coordinates to a target. This entrainment or entanglement is the gateway to the target.



2009-Jul-02 Thu, 20:32
I see everyone walking around what entrainment is, so I guess I will just toss my two cents in here.

I think more like Tolkein building the Shire. He actually created the Shire, to include maps and histories etc. For Tolkein, the Shire lived and breathed.

That's quite different from any ARV I have seen thus far, which is admittedly, not much.

The entrainment leads the mask. The entrainment has to be as dynamic as the target itself. The entrainment has to live and breathe as an entity of it's own, but reflecting the target in it's every heartbeat.

2009-Jul-27 Mon, 15:46
If time and space are illusions (not real), then entrainment is not backward influencing, because there is no backwards and forwards in reality (reality defined for the purposes of this post as a non-illusion state). I'm not sure how to word it, but I conceptualize the phenomenon of entrainment as sympathetic (or perhaps empathetic) sharing of energy.

And again, if time and space are illusions, then causality in entrainment must be taking place outside of time and space, with the results, however, observable in time and space.

And now to veer off into philosophy, to address the free will question. If free will exists, I believe it is absolute free will, which means that absolutely nothing that a person says or does or experiences happens without their consent. Since this consent is usually not perceived or caused at a conscious level, then it must be granted at some other level - a level of reality that presumably exists beyond time and space, because "real" consent cannot originate from illusion.

I hope this clears things up for everyone. ;) You're welcome. :D