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2009-Jul-05 Sun, 15:29
I keep pressing 1, but I still don't understand a word that's being said. Can anyone actually read this link and translate?

Dick Allgire
2009-Jul-05 Sun, 21:32
I glanced over this, but felt they were assuming too much referencing local macro-quantum supersolid C-number fields to Hagen Kleinert's multi-valued singular phase transformations.

It will take me another 20 minutes or even a half hour to go over the rest of the equations, so I may post more a bit later.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Jul-09 Thu, 16:28
Aloha Michelle,

Itís like Finneganís Wake for scientists. Joyce would be proud.


2009-Jul-09 Thu, 19:23
Hahahah! I didn't know the reference, so I googled it. The Wikpedia gives a funny review of the work. I will have to add it to my reading list!