View Full Version : Negative ions and remote viewing?

2009-Jul-27 Mon, 15:15
I'm reading an interesting book right now, "Psychic Development Workbook" by Rodney Davies, published in 1987 (published in the States in 1997). He mentions that psychic ability is enhanced by negative ions, and degraded by positive ions. Negative ions are generated by waterfalls, and are also present in greater numbers on bright, clear days, especially after rain. Positive ions are generated by thunderstorms and by high-power electrical devices. (All this is according to the book.)

From the book ... "This discovery offers you a proven way of stimulating your own ESP abilities, by working in a high negative ion environment. Because negative ions, for instance, tend to accumulate in well-ventilated, unoccupied rooms, you will find it helpful to do your ESP tests in such a room, rather than in one that has been recently occupied. Negative ions are also present in greater numbers in the air of bright, clear days, especially just after a rain shower, which accounts for the better spirits of people on such days, whereas irritability and grumpiness of people on close, thundery days is caused by the higher level of positive ions."

I suppose it is not too surprising, if this information is true, that remote viewing would be easier and more fruitful in Hawaii than just about anywhere else. :)

Part of the reason the negative ion information caught my attention is that I was recently doing some online research on Seasonal Affective Disorder (which did NOT affect me while I was in Hawaii, but returned after I left Hawaii). A treatment that helps alleviate SAD is negative ion therapy.

I did a search on this forum for "negative ion" and "negative ions" and nothing came up. Has the use of a negative ion generator ever been considered for enhancing remote viewing ability? And/or has anyone noticed that they view better under the optimum negative ion conditions above?