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Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-May-10 Wed, 17:27
Aloha All,

Just a few hours from hitting the sky and heading back to the real world. The RV conference doesn't start till Friday but I will arrive in Las Vegas early on Thursday morning. I will be sure to take some piccies and recap the Conference upon my return. For those from Hawaii attending this years Entrainment exercise will be at the Venetian.
It is always interesting to get on a plane that you don't have to jump out of.


2006-May-11 Thu, 18:43
Good luck Glenn and those of the HRVG attending the conference. I hope everyone has their slot machines "give" instead of "take", when it come to the big payoff!

Enjoy the trip, I'm looking forward to your stories when you come back!


Dick Allgire
2006-May-11 Thu, 18:46
Hi Glenn,

Have a great time at the conference. Be sure to say "Hi" for me to Lyn and Paul and everyone else. Sorry I couldn't come this year- it's a rating period at KITV and time off is not given in May.

Good luck on the slots. It's always fun to watch those things dump money in your lap.

Hey, if you get a chance get me an IRVA T-shirt. XL. I'll pay you when you come back.

Also, do what you can to help entrain the beacon target they select is the one I submitted, lol. Blackboard Life: Human 1 where I have Paul getting his photo taken standing in front of the ____________.


Dick Allgire
2006-May-14 Sun, 15:45
Where did they go for the beacon target on Saturday? Anyone have details or pictures?

Glenn, stop taking $$ out slot machines long enough to post, lol