View Full Version : What a nightmare

2009-Aug-13 Thu, 05:52
A solid week to get internet installed and cable installed in my apartment. I had a bad feeling and it turned out to be fully justified. A comedy of errors and I will know more on the next move how to make people give the right answers.

First Verizon wouldn't get a signal at all ---a solid week with that. Switched to Time WArner and the guy walks in and says I can only have internet and cable in one room....WRONG ANSWER! But, we got it done.

I'm tired now and I have a headache. But, by Sunday I should be back to normal!

Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Aug-13 Thu, 07:46
Aloha Michelle,

It sounds as if you have had a bad week. I hope things get better quickly. Cable modem extensions are a fairly easy process. It sounds as if your installer is not very motivated. Usually the company finds that extensions are a profit center, but sometimes that fly’s in the face of the laziness of the installer.


2009-Aug-13 Thu, 19:21
I have leapt the cable/internet problem. It is just a waste of bandwith to go into it.

After all that, I went directly into remote control hell. I bought a TV and a VCR/DVD player from a pawn shop. So there were no instructions.

But, I am now up and running on my PC, my laptop, I have cable in two rooms and I learned how to use the DVR!

Verizon was horrible, there was just no excuse. In defense of Time Warner, he is out here all the time and just assumed when he walked in that there was only one cable box. He was genuinely confused when I told him there was a cable outlet in the bedroom. Apparently, he said that most of these apartments only have one.

I shudder to think how close I came to dodging that bullet. With my daughter coming it is pretty essential that we have hookups in both rooms. I'm just lucky that the apartment manager was honest, if not specific, when I signed the lease. I really just asked a broad question about whether the internet was already installed and that my daughter would be joining me.

But, all seems to be well!