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2009-Sep-09 Wed, 08:40
I see the first review is out. I hate to make comments since I have no idea the background at all ...but based on what was posted on the IRVA board, my gut reaction is this...

There is a quote out there by Stubblebine that I can't exactly remember over the spoon bending. Something about the possibilities. So, in response to one of the comments about some of the 'dumbest' things being the most true, all I can say is for myself and only myselfis that once I saw this work in my life it rearranged 'what is possible' for me. For me, to accept this as 'real' then what else (have I been lied to about) is also 'real'. I have to admit to some pretty dumb wrong turns, but I think I got there eventually.

Mostly, I hope that Goats will shorten someone elses learning curve, give them a chance to laugh at themselves a bit and give validation to what we have figured out (no matter how dumb) what is true and what isn't.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Sep-09 Wed, 18:45
Aloha Michele,

I think that Hollywood may have a bit of a struggle in finding the right way to use real life to entertain. I assume besides the egoís they want to make money and the more the better. Goatís does have a kernel of truth and while itís been many years there are those who still understand the need to consider possibilities. What can a single man or woman really do? Is there some potential within us that is extraordinary that we have yet to discover and develop? I believe because in my world I have learned to believe and in some ways I have faith in the evolutionary potential of the human. Not all humans, just the few that will try.


2009-Sep-09 Wed, 20:40
So true. To really finish my earlier post I guess that I would have to add that "Everything I thought I knew, I had to learn again" which is part of a lyric from Don Henley's The Heart of the Matter.

Dick Allgire
2009-Sep-09 Wed, 23:38
Personally I don't hold much hope for the movie. I think Hollywood will make a farce of it.

But I do think it is quite amazing that they made a movie about this subject, with two main characters based on Glenn Wheaton (played by George Clooney) and Jim Channon (portrayed by Jeff Bridges). Jim lives over on the Big Island and has quite a community there. And of course we all know Glenn. I'm hoping we can get KITV to profile both of them when the movie opens here in the islands in November.

You can bet HRVG will have movie night and all go to the theater together with Glenn. Large popcorn. They probably had to do a lot of makeup and special effects to make Clooney as handsome as Glenn, but computer imaging is pretty amazing these days.

Also amazing to me is that Glenn consented to an interview with Jon Ronson (basis of the movie) and gave him as much information as he did. When I first met Glenn 12 years ago I one time tried to ask him a couple of innocuous questions with a little cassette recorder rolling. Glenn looked at the device and said, "Uh, let's hold off on that." He put a stop to that pretty quick. Glenn has loosened up over the years, and we actually have a pretty amazing library of videos of Glenn teaching and working sessions on camera. I convinced him by saying, "Imagine the value of having video record of Dr. Richard Ireland (Glenn's teacher). "We need such a record of you to document HRVG." Finally Glenn consented. There's still a lot I would like to know about his past. He keeps it pretty tight to the vest.

Anyway the movie will be fun, but I doubt it will portray RV the way we expect.