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Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Sep-29 Tue, 02:08
Aloha All,

Tonight’s viewing of Derren Brown’s “How to be a Psychic Spy” was fairly interesting but very disappointing in regards to Remote Viewing. While Derren is very skilled in NLP and a few other skills he does not believe in any type of psychic function at all. He is in-fact a skeptic, but I am not sure what kind. I will say that he certainly was not fair in his presentation on the debate about remote viewing. While there is ample available evidence in the form of reports and studies none of these or any other form of documentation was either provided or referenced. As in the previous “Event” broadcast there were quite a few outright lies presented. These lies may have been innocent but more than likely not. The most important lie that we need to question is the lie of time. The production was completed some weeks prior to the airing and a multitude of people who were present were able to see the results of the remote viewing challenge. By a multitude I mean in excess of 100, and this pretty much invalidates the data collected on the night of the airing. That seems to be a production sharing between Channel 4 and British Telephone. At 8p per text (considerably more on a mobile phone) we are talking some large cash.

There is something that bothers me about Derren’s disclaimers that is probably untrue. He states that he does not use shills, confederates, or stooges but that is easily proven false. Too many of his random choices of people seem to be prewired with mikes and the battery packs can be seen sticking out of the backs of their pants lol. In tonight’s program he demonstrated basic pacing and leading in one segment and using suggestion convinced someone to steal a TV set from a vendor down the street. While pacing and leading in his “The Mirror Man” segment was represented well (by the way in the business it is called “Glimmer” not mirror) it is not possible to “Glimmer” them to a trance like state and equally impossible to convince them by suggestion to commit a crime. This was a complete set up and fairly cheesy but there are many that would believe this was possible. If it were this easy banks would pretty much have more robbers than customers and all valuable items would be secured in cages in stores. Being the Glimmer man has its limitations.

Derren put a great deal of effort in the production linking the word propaganda to the words remote viewing. He used the word propaganda because it was the US Government that sponsored the research into Remote Viewing and propaganda is a word linked to Government. He picked his words to use his ability to influence others that Remote Viewing was a wasted effort. Too much of the production was total overkill on the subliminal level. From the beginning the concentric circular imagery permeates everything. Every visual keyed on in the museum was pretty much circular while it was easy to see a repeat of the department store giraffe imagery tactic from the previous “Event”. Derren relies on what is simple and what works and he knows that people will draw circles if there are many circles in the afterimage when one closes their eyes. For some reason of vision circular after-imagery is a bit more significant than angles or rectangles. You look at the photo of covered canvas containing the image produced by the curator against a back drop of circles on the walls and ironwork on railings and of course when you close your eyes you will have quite a few circles dominating in the after image. To state the obvious you will have white circles on a black background. That is why Derren gave the Curator a square cut brush and black paint and a white canvas.

The Curator likewise in this “event” was a confederate. She was selected because her eyes would be a prominent subliminal in the actual portion of the challenge where Derren asks those at home to generate their own imagery and call in (at 8p per call) to report what they saw. In those moments Derren had to rush them to quickly produce their imagery as the Curator’s eyes were brought into full screen full focus on the television highlighting the exact imagery that was enclosed on the hidden canvas. It was so cheesy that Kraft would be envious.

Now don’t get me wrong here, if I had no idea of what remote viewing was and I was sitting at home watching this I would be impressed. Derren is a good showman and a bit dangerous with his NLP abilities. I imagine that it was his intent to saturate every visual sense in this program to deliver the desired results and he succeeded. The point we must remember is that Derren only has a few skills and he can dress them up in a TV production to mimic many things, including Remote Viewing. Derren plays with NLP and has a rudimentary skill with entrainment and I expect when he realizes more of the potential in entrainment he will lose control of his ego altogether.

Dr. Wayne Carr was a bit of a surprise and Derren rolled over him at the end all the while saying what a fine chap he was. ACk! I was surprised when Derren introduced him as the World’s foremost expert on Remote Viewing. Dr. Carr has not had much luck in television programs. His last was when he was highlighted on Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit” series. Remote Viewing continues to take a kick here and a punch there when people Remote View on TV to “Prove” remote viewing. Bad idea all the way round. It is the worst possible venue and unless you have nerves of steel and kick-ass talent don’t even think about taking on the Skeptic in his studio, on his film, he will eat you like crumpets. If Dr. Carr had produced a stellar session it would never have seen the light of day. That’s not just real, that’s reality.

I am still a Derren Brown fan because I appreciate the talent he does have. It is unfortunate that he could not give us a fair examination but chose to generally urinate in our direction. I wonder if he believes in Karma?