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2009-Oct-18 Sun, 09:10

At mark 2:12 to 2:22 there is an ancedotal story. One of the successful ways that science has kept psi taboo is to encourage a disbelief in our experience. It was learning meditation that I learned not to invalidate my own experiences. Science conditions us at very early ages and teaches us to invalidate experiences that are not part of excepted theory.

And yet, the ancedotal stories abound. It seems sometimes that everyone is so busy looking at the forest that nobody looks at the tree.

Regardless of whether we define time and space as a dimension or whether we move with more accepted scientific criteria...this woman's experience is that all of that collapsed. There was communication over apparently a very long distance. So, time and space as we know it collapsed.

Are there any experiments out there on how to collapse time and space? I see only some observational conversations about quantum theory.

I am reminded tho of the Course of Miracles group that I was with way back then. According to the Course of Miracles, miracles happen every day. And a function of miracles is to collapse time and space in order to suspend the need for traditional input through the 5 sense.

I guess that's why I remain a fan of the string theory. The one that has 10 dimensions. It would seem to me that maybe time and space are not being collapsed, we are just traveling a smaller distance.