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Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Oct-23 Fri, 19:16
Aloha All,

Follow the link below for a sneak peek and some of the interviews for this movie.


Best Regars

2009-Oct-24 Sat, 10:57
I think I must have seen some of the scenario's for First Earth Battalion way back in 1993. I worked at the ORdnance Center and School and they had a technical library right in my building to which I had free and ready access.

I can't remember the name of the scientific journals - it was probably SAIC, but don't hold me to that. But, they had alot of material there. I scanned through some of and I all remember now is they had some pretty wild psi op scenario's discussed. I could look all I wanted, but I did not check out anything as our names were of course required to check material out. I was already in enough trouble for being a member of the Course of Miracles group in my private life.

I did find my original letter of intent to revoke my security clearance from way back then...I thought I had tossed it prior to coming home to Texas. If you could see the letter of intent you would know why I wouldn't sign my name to check out anything at the library.

I never could clearly grasp why what I did with my private life had caused such an unreasonable stir and when Morehouse would publish I thought perhaps it would cause things to become more mainstream. We all know that did not happen. I didn't get a computer at home until somewhere around 1996 and there were some scarce open source documents regarding Star Gate, but I knew the program was still considered classified in many aspects at that time, so I was put off trying to go any farther than that. Shortly after that I would find Ingo's Biomind website and that would satisfy me that I wasn't an absolute nut. I would go back to college after that and I just lost touch with the community. But, this is not something you turn on or off and it has played through my life pretty much 'as is' until now.

I have truly enjoyed working with Dick, it's been so much fun. I'm almost not a newbie anymore. Won't be long until Dick and I have accomplished all the stages.

So, now it is nice to take a few moments and finish with histories of how everthing has evolved. It will be nice to start to re-establish some just plain meditation time and work on the drawing the right brain. Dick and I have worked really hard this last year. He has been so great letting me freely have so much of his time. But, we have technically focused on process and not histories.

How is Goats going to change your life? I don't know where I'm going to cram everything in once my daughter shows up. Not to mention, that for me, there is not someone in my personal life. That's certainly up to change. So, finding the time for just what I am doing now is to push the envelope. You must be overwhelmed by all this focus on you personally. I'm not sure I will ever want to be the focus of public attention because it is in general such a distraction.